This Is How A Gemini Shows Love

Compared to every other sun sign, Geminis are notorious for stealing — and subsequently breaking — hearts. You might be able to instantly identify a Gemini by their magnetic personality. 

As Your Tango reports, Geminis are hard to miss as they tend to be the life of the party, due in large part to their outgoing personalities and irresistible charm. And, as you might have guessed, these qualities also contribute to their unmatched game in the romance department. 

However, given the duality of the Gemini, on the flip side of this romantic charm is their tendency to put distance between themselves and their partner. Often, this plays out with Gemini quickly moving from partner to partner until they finally find someone who makes them feel comfortable enough to bare it all. 

"Gemini is often known and seen as a fun-loving sign, and their duality is well-known," astrologer Arriana Fox told Bustle. "Unless you're lucky enough to get close to a Gemini, you often don't get to see what a real 'gem' they are as they're good at hiding emotions."

Given their adventurous and restless nature, Geminis are looking for someone who will never bore them. 

"[Geminis] are attracted to partners who are adventurous, free-spirited, and have a wild or eccentric streak," astrologist Kyle Thomas said in a post on his website. "[Geminis] like someone who will experiment, but also may stir up a little spice — or drama — to keep you always working for something new."

Keep reading to find out how Geminis show their love.

Geminis in love will work hard to make you laugh

Though Geminis can be hard to hook, you'll know you're the apple of their eye when they go out of their way to make you laugh. According to, when Geminis are in love, they'll try to spend as much time with you as possible. 

To impress you, Gemini will crack jokes designed to make you (and only you) laugh until you cry. If comedy isn't your thing, perhaps they will turn on the charm or explore your interests to ensure that each conversation revolves around you.

Since Geminis are slow to attach themselves to others, especially romantically, it's definitely a sign that your relationship with a Gemini is the real deal if they introduce you to family and close friends. 

What's more, the secretive and mysterious Gemini will show their love for you when they begin making you a part of their present and future plans, according to Elite Daily. Another sure sign that a Gemini has finally found their home in you is when they become slightly possessive of you (in a good way, though).

To ensure that you keep the attention and affection of a Gemini for years to come, learn how to maintain a healthy balance between nurturing them and giving them the personal space they crave.

"They'll let you know when they need some help or when they need space," astrologer Arriana Fox told Bustle. "Always remember to listen to them as their words and needs being ignored is a quick way to lose their interest."