If You're A Gemini, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

Everyone gets things wrong about Geminis, and that sometimes includes themselves. This sign represents the zodiac's twins, meaning Gemini as a sign is complicated, diverse, and thorough in its thoughts and feelings (via The Times of India). However, this also means they can be at odds with themselves, nonetheless others. This is also why a Gemini's self-care routine is so important. As they age, they learn more and more about their own mental states, cognitive processes, and the ways in which they handle their emotions.

This learning process leads to positive outlets such as New Year's resolutions. According to The Times of India, Geminis are incredibly fun to be around, which is a direct result of the high-functioning twins within them. Therefore, they require moments of quietude to reflect on their thoughts, actions, and paths forward in life, which makes resolutions perfect for them even if they don't realize it at first.

Resolving to better themselves can greatly boost a Gemini's mood. They need to feel that they're putting in effort to be better not only for themselves but also for those around them. They're acutely aware of how others perceive their sign — many attribute the colloquial definition of "crazy" to them — which leads them on a journey of proving their worth, love, and, ultimately, self.

Geminis need to self-reflect in 2022

For 2022, Geminis should generally strive to resolve to be better at handling themselves. More specifically, they can reflect on how far they've come (via Reader's Digest). After all, the only way forward is to understand where you've come from. Reflecting on their progress in life so far can also help them have a better appreciation for themselves, leading them to being easier on themselves, too.

Moreover, in working through this progress, PopSugar notes that Geminis should resolve to start a podcast in the new year. Gemini is an air sign, and air signs generally love to talk. This is partially why people think Geminis are so fun. In a podcast, Geminis could capitalize on this inherent quality and turn their healing and reflection process into a communal one. The podcast could be one centered on self-betterment, or these concepts could be interwoven into one of a different genre. The decision is solely theirs to make.

Even if they don't start a podcast, Geminis must commit to the healing and reflection cycle (via StyleCaster). In fact, if they can commit to it wholeheartedly, they'll leave 2022 with more inner focus and higher levels of concentration than ever before. Geminis can become overwhelmed if they think of 2022 solely as a time of reflection, but if it is considered as a transitory year that can lead to a better life on the other side, this year can be utilized in ways that completely transform the ways in which they live and love.

Ultimately, Geminis should use their inherent voice to their benefit in 2022 and work through any and everything they can while their sign is in this transitory space.