Bob Saget's Wife Has A Message For John Mayer

Bob Saget's death on January 9 left his fans, family, and friends completely stunned. The "Full House" actor was found dead in his Orlando hotel room by security after they were asked to do a wellness check on him, per Yahoo!. Following his death, the Orange County Sheriff's Office revealed that there was no evidence of foul play or drug use surrounding his death.

Saget was reportedly found lying face up in his hotel room bed with his left arm across his chest and his right arm at his side. Although his official cause of death won't be known for weeks, TMZ reveals that a stroke or heart attack are thought to have caused Saget's untimely death.

Hours after the news of the actor's death broke online, his wife, Kelly Rizzo, released an emotional statement (via People). "My whole heart. Bob was my absolute everything," she said. "I am so completely shattered and in disbelief. I am so deeply touched by the outpouring of love and tribute from our friends, family, his fans, and his peers."

Now, Rizzo is speaking out after two of her husband's famous friends, John Mayer and Jeff Ross, retrieved the late actor's car from the airport.

Kelly Rizzo Thanks John Mayer and Jeff Ross

People reported that Bob Saget's close friends, comedian Jeff Ross and singer John Mayer, picked up the late actor's car from Los Angeles International Airport on January 12 following the news of his death. While bringing Saget's car home to his wife, Kelly Rizzo, Ross went live from Mayer's Instagram account. During their video, the two men shared their love for the actor.

"I've never known a human being on this earth who could give that much love, individually and completely, to that many people in a way that made each person feel like he was a main character in their life and they were a main character in his life," Mayer said during the Instagram live (via NBC News). "Everyone is so aware how universal Bob's love for people was," he continued while tearing up.

Now, Saget's wife is opening up about how much Mayer and Ross' kind deed meant to her. "No words for how much this meant to me. These two men have been holding me up and taking care of me (along with many other incredible people who loved my husband more than anything)," Rizzo shared on social media. "But these two driving our little Prius that Bob left at the airport home was such a solid. And I'm happy it gave them some time to ruminate and share their love of Bob with all who watched," she added.

In addition to Rizzo, Saget is survived by his three daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer.