Tips On How To Layer Clothing Without Looking Shapeless

Maybe if human beings had protective furs covering our bodies like most creatures, dealing with the harsh colds of the winter seasons would not be much of an issue. But we don't, which makes it necessary to rely on other means to stay warm. Racking up the heating bill is one option, keeping the fireplace well lit is another and it's even less expensive, per Doctor Flue.

When people can't hide in their warm homes anymore during fall and winter, they often rely on thick clothes to keep the chill away when they step out, and this is where layering comes into play. For insulation, layering is better than simply throwing on thick clothes because layering gives you the opportunity to remove or add a layer depending on how cold or warm the weather may get in the course of any given day, per AG Safety And Health.

However, the problem with layering clothes is that some people simply wear an ill-advised mix of clothes in a random order of sweaters and jackets and shirts. The end result is a bulky, formless frame, per But when done right, layering can be one of the dressing tricks to flatter your figure rather than hiding your curves.

How to layer clothes without looking bulky

The key to stay stylish and maintaining your form while staying warm is knowing how to properly layer clothes in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, per InStyle. This also includes knowledge of how to match fabrics, styles, and colors work well together. After all, it is not enough to only know winter clothing trends, but you have to understand how to really make them work as well.

For the base layer, start with thin, light clothes as it is easy to layer other clothes on them without getting the stiff uncomfortable feeling of having worn too many layers. This is where light tops, sundresses, and thin body suits can help, per Cosmopolitan.

Pay attention to sizes, too. Pairing an oversized top or a bulky coat with an equally oversized pair of pants or bottoms will only cause your entire frame to look awkward and weird. In the same vein, layering only form-fitting clothing in the same outfit will cause the clothes to all sit on each other in an unusual way, per FIV Magazin. The solution to this is to pair clothes of different proportions with each other. For example, a large jacket can be paired with tight jeans. Also, start with classic plain colors for the first layer so that you are able to play with hues and patterns for the next layers, per Gorgeautiful.

It is also very important to note that when layering clothes, the optimal amount is three layers, per White & Co.