Things Men Should Be Doing In Their Skincare Routine

Gone are the days of wondering whether or not men should use beauty products or even have a skincare routine. These days, it is almost expected that men should have for themselves a few or even more products in their grooming kit, per Men's Health.

For beginners who are just getting into the practice of actually caring for their skin, though, it may be a bit confusing to know what to really use. Of course, women's items are off the table if you want to use products that will deliver optimally for your skin. Men's skins are biologically different from women's in a number of ways. One of them being that men's skins secrete more oil, per Wolf Project. So, borrowing your female partner or family member's products shouldn't be how you approach your skincare journey.

And to be honest, getting skincare products and setting a routine is not difficult and should not scare you. Let's show you how straightforward it can be so you can avoid male beauty products that cause damage.

You can't go wrong if your skincare routine includes the following

The first thing you need to get right is the act of cleansing your face twice daily — when you wake up and just right before you go to bed. According to Healthline, this is important so as to stop oil and impurities of the day's exertion from settling into your pores overnight. Remember, according to Wolf Project, men's faces are oilier than women's. So, it is recommended that you use a mild foaming cleanser at night but in the morning, just water would do. You can also choose to use a damp, warm towel if you have an oily face. Mind you, shaving is better after a cleansing routine, per Mind Body Green.

After cleansing in the morning, dab on some vitamin C serum or any other serum of your choice, per Mind Body Green. It is after giving your face the antioxidant treatment of serums that you should slather on moisturizer to "hydrate and protect your skin," per GQ. They add that you can repeat the moisturizing process twice daily as well.

When you eventually step out of the house for your daily activities, you want to be sure you are protecting your skin with sunscreen, per India. A good one will shade you from the ultraviolet rays from the sun which can also cause skin cancer, per American Academy of Dermatology. Apply it on all parts of your skin that may be exposed to the elements. Mind you, the fact that it's called sunscreen does not mean you should not use it on cold and cloudy days.