Male Skincare Products That Are Cheaper Than Women's Products But Do The Same Thing

If women don't face enough discrimination already, they also have to pay the "pink tax," which is the extra money they have to pay for many skincare and beauty products with a men's version available at a cheaper cost. This can cost women an average of $1500 annually (via J.P. Morgan). Have you walked down the aisle and found that women's razors by the same company cost more than the men's just because it is pink? Now that you know that it is nothing more than gender-based pricing because certain beauty products are packaged in pink, floral, or glitter and targeted towards women to make more money. Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, a lawyer and co-founder of Period Equality, told Healthline, "The motivations around the pink tax come more explicitly from a classic capitalist stance: If you can make money off of it, you should." 

That is pretty insane. It goes more than skincare products because even healthcare items like women's laxatives cost more and come in a girlier packaging (via HuffPost). How does gender play in the case of going to the bathroom? However, It is important to remember that men's and women's skin does age differently. According to, men tend to have thicker skin due to more collagen, so their facial skincare game might differ as women might use more facial ingredients than men. But, when it comes to most personal care, men and women are fine using the same thing.

These skincare products come at different colors and prices but work exactly the same

It's mind-blowing how women have been spending more money for the exact same skincare products just because of the packaging and marketing tactics, but don't pay more for personal care products just because they say you should. A common misconception is that men and women need different shampoos when they clean their hair, and Time reported that women's shampoo costs 48% more. The only main difference between the two is the type of the fragrance (via Review This). 

Shaving is personal, and if that's your thing, you have tons of options. Healthline pointed out that a five-pack of Schick Hydro pink cartridges cost $18.49 while the one in blue packaging costs $14.99, so why pay more to get the same shave? The Balance pointed out that a women's body wash is $2 more expensive, on average, than men's when they are literally the same and only stay on till we rinse it off. Another skincare product that you can choose the men's version over women's is deodorant because its only job is to help prevent odor while making you smell good all day (via Money Check). 

Next time you see a pink or light purple skincare product that costs more than the navy or black version of the same thing, you can choose the cheaper one. Don't be fooled by the pink tax and save money on personal care items because they do the same thing.