This Is How A Sagittarius Shows Love

Love comes in different forms, and whoever your partner is, whether they fall under Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces or any other star sign, expecting them to express affection in any given way without first understanding their own nature, can lead to conflicts in your relationship, via Elite Daily. While it is true that relationships are about meeting each other halfway and expecting a certain amount of effort from the other person, knowing what to actually expect can help balance things out.

When it comes to the sun signs, a Sagittarius isn't hard to read, but they aren't exactly open books in matters of the heart either, per Bustle. Falling in love with a Sagittarius means embracing their incredibly social ways and large friend group as they may want to absorb their partners into the group very early on in the relationship, per Vogue. With the giving nature of a Sagittarius, being in a relationship with one may feel reassuring as they are often attentive to their partners, showing a keen interest in things that others may not consider noteworthy, according to Thought Catalog. They will also try to help you succeed, via PureWow.

And that's barely scratching the surface of how a Sagittarius shows love.

Sagittarian struggle with words but show love in action

Expressing feelings is tricky and requires a level of self-assuredness that some people don't have. This seems to be one of Sagittarius' bad relationship traits. Despite their confidence in other areas of life, a Sagittarius may find it hard to eloquently express their feelings in words, so they show you with their actions, per YourTango. You know how they say actions speak louder than words? Yeah, dating a Sagittarius will prove that.

One of their favorite activities is traveling — one reason why Sagittarius' and Leos are perfect for marriage. Sagittarians love seeing the world and the thrill that comes with seeing new places and gaining new experiences, and when a Sagittarius includes you in their life, they put you in their traveling plans, according to

If a Sagittarius is in love and their partner is in a bad mood, they will try to get their partner to cheer up, per India Times. In any romantic relationship, Sagittarians put big effort into trying to know everything about their partner. They enjoy the thrill of knowing every fiber of their partner's being, every facet of their partner's life, according to mindbodygreen.

Although a Sagittarius seeks thrills, they are still likely to be quite ambitious. If a Sagittarius is in love, they will include their partner in their plans for the future, career, and home, notes Astrology.