If You're A Sagittarius, This Is The Type Of Person You Should Marry

Ah, Sagittarius signs – lovers of freedom and the outdoors, your generosity and idealism makes you lovable to just about anyone you meet (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). With a serious case of wanderlust, you'll travel across the world in a heartbeat, especially if that means bringing the love of your life along with you for the ride. 

Deep and philosophical, yet curious and energetic to learn about everything around you, you'll need someone who will complement your down-to-Earth side yet not inhibit your sense of liberty. Sagittarians need space, fun, and adventure – and there a few signs that just might be your perfect match.

First off, Aries signs make a great pair with Sagittarians, both being fire signs that bring optimism and a love of life to the relationship. Both partners will be first in line for an impromptu trip to another country. That being said, Sagittarians are more comfortable with a long hike as they experience the world around them, while Aries signs just want to let loose and be the life of the party wherever they go (via Compatible Astrology). 

Although they might see adventure differently, Aries and Sagittarians will bond over curiosity and energy. However, their similarities could potentially become their downfall. Both signs are extremely impatient and undiplomatic. Plus, a competitive Aries might clash with a Sagittarian's relaxed nature.

Sagittarius has a few best matches

Leos also make a great match with Sagittarians, both known to be generous, creative, and always humorous. Ever fun-loving, Leos and Sagittarians are prone to adventure, plus being cheerful in their day-to-day. Surprisingly though, the two fire signs can also be very different. While Leos love to show off their wealth and be admired, Sagittarius signs are more low-key, preferring comfortable clothes and philosophical talks. 

Sagittarius signs will also feel at home with Libras, who as air signs bring harmony and an equally-philosophical core to the relationship. Both Sagittarians and Libras prefer to keep the peace, although Libras are more diplomatic, while Sagittarians will say anything that's on their mind. Although this could be a clash, the two signs both love of the outdoors is deeply complementary, while their inspiring conversations and love of books and beautiful places will form a deep bond. Libras could at times be clingy, which would conflict with Sagittarians' need for alone time.

Aquarius signs are another perfect pair for a Sagittarius, ad they are just as idealistic and independent. Bringing fluidity and an intellectual component as air signs, Aquarians will fit right into Sagittarians' need for deep thought, discovery, and stimulating conversations. That being said, Aquarians are shyer than Sagittarius signs, which can cause a bit of a clash, but the two would bond over a shared passion for humanitarian causes, and an understanding of freedom.