The Truth About Law & Order's Mia Ruz

"Law & Order: SVU" recently returned from their winter break with a crossover episode (via TV Insider). The episode combined the teams from "Law & Order: SVU" and the group that was put together for the Peacock series, "Law & Order: Hate Crimes."

If you're unaware of the "Hate Crimes" series, you are not alone. The show was supposed to hit the streaming service, but it didn't work out as planned (via Outsider). With the reboot of the original "Law & Order" series in the works, the "Hate Crimes" franchise was put on hold. However, the episode of "SVU" titled "Silent Night, Hateful Night" brought in Declan Murphy, the head detective of the hate crimes unit.

The episode featured "SVU" detective, Mia Ruz, played by actress Cyndee Rivera. She has been on the show before and reprised her character for the episode. However, she may be returning as Detective Ruz in a more permanent role.

Fans think Detective Ruz could be landing a more permanent role in the Law & Order franchise

Fans think that Detective Ruz could be returning if the "Law & Order: Hate Crimes" spinoff comes to fruition. According to Outsider, the latest "SVU" episode has hinted that the new series might be emerging sooner than later. While the episode featured major players like Detective Olivia Benson and Sergeant Odafin "Fin" Tutuola, fans were most surprised to see Detective Ruz return to the series.

Detective Ruz played a small part in an episode from the 22nd season of "SVU” (via 2 Paragraphs). The episode that aired in February of 2021 featured Detective Ruz working alongside Detective Benson and the rest of the Special Victims Unit on a crime. Ruz is a member of the Bronx Special Victims Unit, a neighboring borough, and worked with the usual SVU team to find a serial rapist that was committing crimes in both areas.

Fans believe that bringing Ruz back could be hinting at the possibility she will be working on the "Hate Crimes" spin-off if it indeed makes its Peacock debut in the future.