Here's What Poppy Harlow Is Studying At School

Longtime broadcast journalist Poppy Harlow is used to literally sitting in a spotlight. But in August 2021, the news anchor announced that she would be (temporarily) leaving behind the bright lights and buzz of "CNN Newsroom" to return to school, according to CNN. The Emmy-award winning journalist already has a bachelor's degree, having attended Columbia University and majored in Middle Eastern Studies, per ABTC. However, going after her master's degree is something that she has apparently "wanted to do for quite a while now," as she told CNN. "And if this year and a half has taught me anything, it is, why not try!" she added.

In good news, Harlow is being wholeheartedly supported in her decision to continue her studies by her boss. Jeff Zucker, Chairman of Warner Media's news and sports operations, told Variety that, "This is such a terrific opportunity for Poppy and I am so proud of her for committing to it." He continued, "She will have a ton on her plate — but I know she will manage it flawlessly and come back enriched and so much ‎better for it," adding that he "can't wait to have her back full time in the anchor chair." But what will Harlow be studying at school?

Poppy Harlow is attending law school

As Poppy Harlow told CNN in 2021, she has both personal and professional reasons behind her decision to study law. "As a little girl," she recalled to the outlet. "I would sit with [my dad] at the kitchen table and he would take apart a camera or a printer and say, 'Look, Poppy, this is where they infringed a patent.' This is why we're going to court.'" As Poppy's father, an intellectual property litigator, died when she was just 15 years old, she intends to honor him in her chosen study. "I'm here to stay for good as a journalist, but I wanted to learn more about the law," Harlow clarified during an interview (via Variety). "I really felt that over the last year and a half. This is a dream that has been delayed but it doesn't have to disappear." She added that immersing herself in the study of law will also help make her feel closer to her late father.

We can't imagine that Harlow will be trading in her signature sheath dresses for a baggy college hoodie — but on the off chance she does, that hoodie would rep Yale University. According to People, the news anchor will be attending an MLS Yale law school program for "mid-career journalists seeking an intensive immersion in legal thinking so that they are better able to educate their audiences upon their return to journalism." Harlow will likely be returning to "CNN Newsroom" once she has completed the year-long program.