This Is The New Year's Resolution You Should Have Based On Your Enneagram

At the start of a new year, it is common to set resolutions, goals, or intentions for the next 365 days, and enneagram types can help decide what these should be.

There are nine enneagrams, each with their own unique traits: 1 is The Reformer who needs everything to be perfect, 2 is the caring Helper, 3 has eyes on the prize as The Achiever, 4 is an expressive Individualist, 5 is an analytical and thoughtful Investigator, 6 is The Loyalist who is committed, 7 is the fun-loving Enthusiast, 8 is the powerful Challenger, and 9 is The Peacemaker who always agrees (via The Enneagram Institute).

So, beginning with Type 1, a suggestion for a New Year's resolution is to meditate. Since these types are always working to make sure everything is just so, it can be easy to overlook self-care. A Type 2 may want to take this time to get organized and, as stated by The Everygirl, establish a cleaning routine. After all, their homes can get cluttered with sentimental items, according to Truity!

Our enneagrams can help us decide what our resolutions should be

A New Year's resolution idea for enneagram Type 3 is to focus on relationships. According to, these people do value real and authentic care from others. One for a Type 4 is to dive into a project, as they are really into creativity that can give them a sense of meaning ... and maybe even make them some extra money (via The Career Project).

Someone who is a Type 5 is logical and careful, meaning this is a good time to start financially investing. Since it can be hard for a Type 6 to get out of their comfort zones, they may want to consider a new hobby.

Reading different genres could be a good goal for a Type 7, while a Type 8 can start each day with a set routine, before jumping in and forcefully tackling their to-do lists. Finally, for a Type 9, a recommendation is a social media detox, since, as stated by The Everygirl, it can be exhausting to comment on, like, reply to, and share everything all of your loved ones are doing!