Can You Use Body Lotion On Your Face?

You can find multi-purpose products pretty much everywhere in the cosmetics industry, from hair and body wash to sunscreen and moisturizer combos — you could say it's almost the norm now to see products with multiple uses. Most of us love a good shortcut, and you've got to admit that simplifying your routine and cabinet can feel great. Not to mention, you can spare your wallet and the environment at the same time. Hello, $50 face cream. 

Therefore, we wouldn't be surprised if it's crossed your mind whether or not you can use your body lotion on your face. After all, the creamy texture seems to look the same once it's out of its packaging and in your hands. So, your face lotion has run out, and you're wondering what's the worst that could happen? We've done the research, and although you'd think a moisturizer is a moisturizer, there are several reasons why you shouldn't apply a body lotion from the neck up.

Why you probably shouldn't use body lotion on your face

The skin on your face is very different than the skin on the rest of your body; therefore, the types of moisturizers for each will require specific ingredients and consistencies. Bodies have much thicker, stronger, and more resilient skin than faces, says Healthline. Body lotions are usually heavier, with thicker emollients to "protect and hydrate," cosmetic chemist Ginger King explained to Allure. You'll also find lots of butters, oils, and ingredients that create a moisture-locking barrier — all of which are usually too heavy for the face.

The face's skin is not only thinner and more delicate, but it also has more oil glands. Because of the fragile nature of the skin on our face and the fact that it's exposed to the elements more often, you'll find creams with specialized ingredients and extensive research backing up their efficacy, explains King.

If you are in a pinch, using body lotion on your face may be better than nothing, especially if your skin is super dry. But don't make it a habit, because those with sensitive or acne-prone skin could find themselves with a rash or a breakout. Applying body-specific formulas to the tender skin under your eyes could even lead to the little white bumps known as milia (via Elle). Although it's tempting, it's probably best to leave your body lotion where it belongs and respect your skin.