This Is How A Cancer Shows Love

Human emotions aren't easy, and showing love can sometimes be daunting, particularly in a world where people want to hide their true feelings out of fear of being vulnerable with the wrong person. Of course, people want their feelings reciprocated; not knowing if your partner feels the same way about you is an uncomfortable position to be in, per Brides. Even when you are sure, not understanding their way of expressing that love to you can be nearly as frustrating, per The Daily Spice.

As one of the more loving and kind signs, Cancers are sensitive to not just their emotions but also those of their partners, per Cosmopolitan. This is why it's so easy to fall in love with a Cancer. Their sweet nature simply pulls people in like moths to a flame, per Thought Catalog. However, Cancers don't fall in love easily; they like to take their time and be sure of who they're entrusting their heart to, per Your Tango.

Although Cancers don't fall in love easily, when they do, they are like open books. You'll definitely be able to tell that your Cancer partner is head over heels for you.

Cancers are vocal about their love

Cancers are usually so cautious about falling in love because they know that they want to make their partners a large part of their world. Their most valued place is home, and they value family, with deep ties to most family members. Once a Cancer is in love, they will seek to include their partners in what they consider to be their sacred place — their home and family, reports Vogue. A Cancer in love will also be interested in knowing their partner's family and may even form a bond with them, according to Insider.

When Cancerians fall in love, you can expect them to be very romantic, routinely getting vocal about their feelings for their partner, per India Times. You really won't have to wonder or guess how they feel about you. Cancers have no time for emotional games. Cancers are sensitive and kind, but they become fierce protectors of their partners when they are in love, says Compatible Astrology. With a reassuring steadiness, a Cancer in love is always in their partner's corner.

So when you come across a Cancer who has eyes for you, don't fear anything: From all indications, once that initial hesitation on their part is over, their love is as real as it can ever get (via Ebony).