Piers Morgan Lashes Out At Joe Biden In Uncensored Public Letter

Journalist Piers Morgan has never been afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to President Joe Biden. Morgan has been lashing out at Joe Biden for months now. It started with his criticism of the way the U.S. media treats the president compared to how they treated Trump (via Daily Mail). He criticized Biden's role in everything, from pulling troops out of Iraq to his stance on critical race theory.

In November 2021, Morgan was blasting Biden in the press again. According to Express, Morgan was upset at the words Biden used to describe Kyle Rittenhouse, who was accused of murdering two men during a Black Lives Matter protest. He claimed Biden's views were one-sided.

It is clear Morgan has taken issue with just about everything Biden has done since he was elected to the presidency. Now, Morgan has released an intense letter calling out the president for everything he feels he has done wrong during his time in the Oval Office.

Morgan didn't hold back in his open letter to Biden

In an open letter written by Morgan and published on January 19, 2022, in the New York Post, he doubled down on his opinions about President Biden. The letter started out harshly, "Dear Joe, Happy Anniversary. Can we get a divorce?

Sorry if this isn't the most effusive of messages as you celebrate your first year in office as president of the United States. But I fear it's exactly what many disillusioned Americans, including some who voted for you, are now thinking."

The letter got more intense from there (via The Sun). He said things like, "You've failed. Your enraged, spiteful, Republican-bashing speeches at the start of this year were just as divisive as anything Donald Trump ever spewed." The British columnist continued to dig in. "Wake up, Joe, or you're going to sleepwalk into the next election lamer than any lame-duck president ever, and the disgruntled American people will be voting for a divorce — and quite possibly getting back with their ex." Yikes!

It doesn't seem as though Biden has issued a statement back to Morgan. For now, the drama between the journalist and the current president continues to grow.