The Most Ideal Places To Live In If You're An Aries

An Aries should only marry certain types of people who will understand this about them, according to The Times of India. If they marry the wrong type, they'll meet certain doom. Still, Aries are naturally optimistic, always holding out hope that they'll grow as a person and then transform their life into something admirable. Aries, too, are brave and assertive and because of this, they don't mind taking big risks in life. They have to drown out a lot of criticism — people often think Aries is a hateful sign — but they know the truth.

While they rely on their self-care routine to decompress, Aries are natural go-getters when inspired. This means that they aren't afraid to move somewhere if it means creating a better life for themselves or the people they care about. They aren't necessarily humanitarians in the greater sense, but for loved ones, they'd do anything. As noted by The Times of India, Aries are honest and ambitious, so this, combined with their bravery and assertiveness, means life is truly what they make it.

Because of these reasons, there are certain places both in the U.S. and abroad in which Aries typically thrive. These are robust places where people push life's envelope, but they're also places where Aries will feel safe — and can best protect their loved ones.

New York City and England are perfect homes for Aries

One of the easiest ways for Aries to boost their moods is to take action. If something needs doing, they'll work on it to make themselves better. For Aries, this may mean finally moving somewhere you'll flourish. Ultimately, Aries has to live in a place that is both safe and will foster their dreams. According to Insider, the best U.S. state for Aries is Massachusetts. They specifically recommend Springfield, Boston, and Cape God. While some of these places are expensive to live in, Aries always makes their dreams happen.

In addition to Massachusetts, Your Amazing Places adds that Las Vegas is perfect for Aries. Here, their passionate sides can run wild. The same can be said for New York City, per Society19, saying this city is the perfect mix of fun and professional so Aries can truly have it all. If you're an Aries really focused on your career, NYC may be your better option, with Las Vegas being an excellent vacation spot for you.

Outside of the U.S., Aries are particularly well-suited for England (via Astrolada). Astrolada notes that countries and states — all places — have their own sun signs, just like people. England falls under Aries' jurisdiction, so it's a natural match. There, an Aries career can thrive. Outside of England, Aries are known to thrive in Amsterdam (via Born Realist). This city is a mix of NYC and Las Vegas, so it's a perfect place for this sign to both have fun and make progress toward their dreams.