If You're An Aries, This Is The Type Of Person You Should Marry

Finding "the one" isn't exactly a walk in the park. It's more like a hop, skip, and a jump over a fiery pit of lava — and that's under "normal" circumstances. Online dating is exhausting, meeting people in person is next to impossible, and being set up by friends ... yeah, no. With the pandemic wreaking havoc on both platonic and romantic relationships (via The Washington Post), it's hard to imagine that there's a chance for anyone to find real intimacy. 


If you've tried everything else — like swiping on Tinder until your thumb falls off; pre-COVID blind dates; and good old fashion meet-ups in bars, coffee shops, book stores, etc. — there is one place you can look to find your perfect match: the stars. OK, go ahead and roll your eyes. But, honestly, what else are you going to do? So, if you're bored, lonely, and an Aries (March 21 — April 19), this love compatibility brief is for you.

Here are the signs Aries are most compatible with

"If your zodiac sign is Aries, then you are most compatible with Leo," Amy Tripp, MS, LMSW, a professional astrologer and licensed therapist tells Byrdie. "As a fixed sign, Leo has incredible staying power and endurance to balance out Aries' tendency to lose interest. Both signs are dynamic, enthusiastic, and courageous; together this pairing can accomplish a lot in the world." According to Compatible Astrology, Aries are also compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius zodiac signs.


This, of course, is a very broad assumption based on sun signs. To fully understand how compatible you are with another person (based on astrology alone), you'd need to calculate individual planet positions from your partner's birth date and time and then compare the results to your own (via Compatible Astrology). 

"It's a balancing act in their own personality, as well as with the other person," Constance Stellas, author of the book "Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match Is In The Stars," tells Refinery29. "That's what's so fascinating about astrology because it shows how we try to come to wholeness with all of the elements of our chart." 

The bottom line? There's still hope. While looking to the stars won't guarantee a perfect match, doing a bit of research on what makes you and your potential partner tick could make for a long-lasting relationship.


What is Aries' worst match?

With that being said, there is one more thing you can do to potentially prevent a dating disaster: Avoid incompatible signs at all costs. OK, that may sound a bit dramatic, but it couldn't hurt, right? According to professional astrologer Aycee Brown, Aries aren't picky when it comes to dating — they'll basically date anyone. But in order for there to be a real chance between the two, the other person should be an independent, steadfast person.


"When an Aries makes up their mind about you, they need you to be secure in knowing that they're all about you," Brown tells Bustle. "What turns the ram off are jealousy, lies, and homebodies. If all you want to do is Netflix and chill, it's best that you find someone else. Aries love to do things from hiking to road trips. They're all about activity."

In short, it's in an Aries best interest to steer away from potential suitors who are a Taurus (April 20 — May 20) or a Cancer (June 21 — July 22). Keep reading to find out why.

Aries and Taurus compatibility

The ram and the bull may be neighbors on the zodiac wheel, but according to astrologer and Kristina Semos, an Aries-Taurus relationship isn't likely to make it long-term. "Generally speaking, these two don't make the most sense together unless there were other influences in their birth charts that meshed really nicely," Semos tells Bustle. Why? Because, as you know, Aries are fiery, playful, and energetic. They love adventure and are up for anything. A Taurus, however, takes comfort in routine — which, as you can probably imagine, might come off as boring and predictable (via "Sarah's Star Signs").


But that doesn't necessarily mean you should turn someone down simply because they're a Taurus. "If they have other planets in their natal charts that mesh with each other — like moon signs or rising signs in the other's element, for instance — they can find common ground," adds Semos. Plus, there's always a way to work things out and learn from one another.

Aries and Cancer compatibility

From the get-go, an Aries-Cancer pair just doesn't make sense. A fire sign matched with a water sign? Talk about a mismatch. While a Cancer can find contentment cuddled up on the couch, Aries are looking for adventure, including spontaneous weekend getaways and nights out on the town (via Bustle). According to Aycee Brown, it's true that an Aries will appreciate the home that a Cancer will create for them, but if they're unwilling to settle down, it's unlikely that the relationship will last.


As crazy as it sounds, when it comes to sex, an Aries-Cancer match isn't so bad. Cancer signs are known for giving, and this includes in the bedroom (via LoveToKnow). "To a Cancer, sex is also about giving their partner pleasure," writes LoveToKnow astrologer Patricia Lantz. "Satisfying their partner's sexual needs is more important than their satisfaction." 

The moral of the Aries-Cancer love story? Don't get involved with a Cancer unless you're ready to put in the work. Cancers are kind and giving, but they also have a tendency to be clingy, needy, and sensitive (via LoveToKnow). Sure, the sex will be good, but good sex isn't worth a broken heart — on either end.