Here's How Much Stacy London Is Really Worth

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Fashionista Stacy London is most well known for her time as co-host of TLC's "What Not to Wear," but London is so much more than just a reality television star. With an impressive net worth of $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, London's well-earned wealth comes not only from her television days but from a multitude of projects that include her work as a fashion consultant, magazine editor, CEO, and author. But, of course, even with her other business ventures, style has remained London's long-standing passion. Even before her days on TLC alongside Clinton Kelly, she was already making her mark on the fashion world, working for highly desirable publications like Vogue and Mademoiselle (via InStyle).

Still, it was the reality makeover show that gave London notoriety which led to an even bigger television presence. London joined NBC's "Today" show as a style correspondent and appeared on well-known series like "Access Hollywood," "Good Afternoon America," and "The Nate Berkus Show" (per IMDb). With a booming career, the American stylist even wrote and published a well-received book called "The Truth About Style," which examines relatable obstacles that women face every day and provides personal insight into some of London's own struggles as well. Flourishing in both the entertainment and fashion worlds, it's no wonder that London's financial status is so impressive.

Stacy London's early years made a lasting impact

Stacy London oozes confidence now, but that wasn't always the case, especially during her early years. Though her iconic silver streak makes her fashionably stand out, her unique look is actually the result of childhood illness. According to U.S. News & World Report, in sixth grade, London struggled with psoriasis (just one cause of severely dry skin) that was so severe it sometimes caused bleeding. To try and combat her health issues, London would cover her head in tar, and every morning her mother would clean the mixture off with boric acid. She eventually shaved her head, and when her hair grew back, London's silver streak emerged.

Though it sounds like an awful ordeal for any child to go through, London came out stronger and even grew attached to her unique look, which she considers to be her "badge of honor." "My hair is a big part of me," the author wrote for Into The Gloss. She says she eventually found a topical steroid that helped clear up her psoriasis and that she even had a "grey clause" for her Pantene endorsement, which said, "'You can do whatever you want to my hair but you can't dye my grey streak.' It's a part of me!"

She initially started her career working for Vogue

While some people go to college unclear of their exact career goals, that certainly wasn't the case for Stacy London. Although London went to Vassar College to study philosophy and literature, she really wanted to become a part of the fashion world, writing for Into the Gloss that she "always knew" it was her dream. The TLC star credits her father for advising her to "study what you love" and apply her newfound skills to her true passion.

With that philosophy in mind, London would spend every summer during her college years interning at magazines, even managing to score a very desirable summer internship in Paris for Christian Dior. Thanks to her impressive resume, London's first job after college was with Vogue. Still, even that coveted position wasn't easy to secure.

In her writeup for Into the Gloss, London says she did a practice interview for Random House, but admitted to her interviewer that she didn't actually want the position and preferred to work for a magazine. London says, "For some reason, my interviewer and I hit it off and he sent me to a colleague of his. One thing led to another and she offered me a job at Vogue." Though London was only 21 years old at the time, she was about to begin a stunning career journey that would eventually lead her to become a high-earning fashion icon.

Stacy London has had career highs and lows

Stacy London originally wanted to be a fashion editor, and, with an impressive resume that already included working for big-name brands, it would seem like London's career should've skyrocketed. Unfortunately, even after securing a position at Vogue, it wasn't smooth sailing for the stylist. Although London considers her time at Vogue a rewarding experience, she also acknowledges its downside. "Vogue was very hard," London told HuffPost. "I don't regret it. It was better than Navy SEAL training. You learn everything you need to know about being in fashion."

Still, despite some amazing experiences, London eventually left and went to work for Mademoiselle, assisting fashion director Debbie Mason (via Into The Gloss). Though BuzzFeed states that London would also leave this position to work as a freelancer, she would eventually return to Mademoiselle after realizing her freelancing work wasn't leading her where she wanted to be. This time around, London became the senior fashion editor for Mademoiselle, where she stayed for four years before getting fired when the magazine brought in a new editor-in-chief. While this definitely sounds like a setback — and London herself admits the termination "hurt my feelings" and led to a challenging year — she also acknowledges its importance. "You should get fired — it is no joke. It was a blow, but it was a blow that I was glad I experienced," she shared with BuzzFeed.

The star's shift to reality television made her famous

After Mademoiselle, Stacy London worked as a freelance stylist when she got the call for a possible job, which would later become her career-defining position. Via BuzzFeed, London describes getting inconsistent work as a freelancer and moving further away from high fashion, working on commercials for Blistex and Hi-C. "I was styling kids, and I started styling men and I started styling women who weren't 6 feet tall and a size 0. At the time it felt like I was going nowhere," she wrote. But, of course, all that was about to change. London just didn't know it yet.

Still, her new television career wouldn't happen overnight. London describes a grueling process to BuzzFeed which involved four screen tests over eight months. She admits she eventually sort of "gave up" and went on vacation with her family. During that time, her agent called her to come in for a final screen test, something London was no longer interested in doing. "If they want me, I've done all these screen tests, why do I have to do another one?" she remembers asking. However, it would be her stepmother who persisted, forcing London to get on a plane, saying, "'You're going to do the screen test and it's going to change your life.'" Her stepmother's prediction proved to be accurate, and, as fans of the series know, London went on to co-host "What Not to Wear" alongside Clinton Kelly.

She had no intention to slow down after What Not to Wear

Even during her time as co-host of "What Not to Wear," Stacy London was taking on new projects (via IMDb), appearing as herself on various talk shows and hosting her own short-lived series, "Fashionably Late with Stacy London." Of course, by the time "WNTW" ended, London was on a career high and had no intention to slow down. Keeping in line with the well-received makeover series, London stuck with TLC and launched a new fashion-focused series in 2015 called "Love, Lust or Run."

Unlike "What Not to Wear," the new makeunder series saw London go solo with her hosting duties, something she discussed during a 2015 interview with HuffPost. London stated that her new series was different from "WNTW" for multiple reasons, saying that "LLR" was shorter but focused more on style extremes. "I feel much more [like] a mentor to these women and one of the things that I felt very strongly about, especially since I don't have a co-host, [is] that I'm not out to change them," said the former magazine editor. Though the show only ran for three seasons, the experience only served to add to London's ever-growing repertoire and, similarly, her net worth.

Necessary surgeries caused Stacy London major financial setbacks

In 2018, Stacy London penned an article for Refinery29 describing a year of her life filled with emotional and financial blows. London stated that the problems first began in late 2016 at a point when the American stylist was financially secure but jobless. However, it wasn't her employment status that worried her. London states she was always careful with money and "saved and invested wisely." Unfortunately, around the same time, it also became clear she needed expensive spinal surgery after years of chronic back pain. Though she was initially told the recovery time would be about six weeks, the author underestimated the physical and emotional toll the procedure would take on her body.

After her surgery, the passing weeks quickly made it clear to London that she wouldn't be fully functional after six weeks. While waiting out her recovery, the reality star admits she began to "spend money almost mindlessly" on unnecessary expenses. During that time, London also dealt with depression and broke up with her boyfriend after the two took an expensive vacation in Amsterdam. The rest of that year brought more bad news and more spending. Eventually, toward the end of 2017, London received another shock from her accountant: She'd blown through a large portion of her finances. Ultimately, the fashionista states that the unwanted news was the wake-up call she needed.

The fashionista has a fabulous home in Brooklyn

With wealth comes access to truly stunning living quarters, as proven by the glamorous Stacy London. The reality star's gorgeous home in Brooklyn, New York, not only contains plenty of stylish accessories but, undoubtedly, costs a pretty penny. According to StreetEasy, London resides in Carroll Gardens, where the median rent is around $2,800, and the median asking price for a home is around $2.495 million, as of 2015 (via Brick Underground). Of course, being a fashionista, no one would expect London's digs to be any less than fabulous.

Those curious to see what it's like to live like London got a special treat when her home was featured on NBC's "Open House NYC," where Refinery29's co-founder and editor-in-chief Christene Barberich toured the reality star's inviting living space. It was quickly established that Refinery29's co-founder had been to London's home "many times." Still, Barberich couldn't help but gush over the space, saying, "I always come away with so many new, like, tips and details and inspiration not just from your closet, which is epic, but your home." In response, London explained to viewers that, similar to her clothing choices, her home is styled to make her feel "beautiful and safe."

Stacy London has done numerous ad campaigns

A financially smart celebrity knows there's plenty to gain from endorsing products — especially big-name brands. Over the years, Stacy London has advertised for plenty of prominent brands. As noted by PR Newswire, London's endorsements include Hanes, Pantene, Dr. Scholl's, Woolite, Lee Jeans, and Westfield Malls. Even those unfamiliar with the former magazine editor's work are likely to recognize the fashionista from some of her more prominent commercials, such as her Pantene promotion where she boosted the haircare products' Good Housekeeping credit. Other memorable ads include London's Dr. Scholl's commercial, where the stylist credits the brand's insoles for helping her wear her "ultra-high, super pointy" heels all day long.

London's enviable seal of approval was even mentioned in a 2009 Teen Vogue article. The outlet stated that, in addition to other well-known promoters like the always-fashionable Tim Gunn, the detergent brand Woolite also enlisted London's services. The reality star's memorable commercial saw the stylist doing what she does best: critiquing others' clothing while informing viewers of the product's benefits. Without question, these ad campaigns have contributed to London's impressive net worth.

She heads up the brand State of Menopause

It's official: Stacy London truly does it all. In addition to her work in the fashion world, the TLC star is now in charge of State of Menopause, a company which helps those struggling with menopause. London announced the exciting news on the brand's Instagram page, letting curious viewers know she was officially in charge of the "lifestyle and personal care brand for people experiencing menopausal symptoms."

According to Entrepreneur, London's decision to head the company wasn't just business-related — it was personal. The stylist said she always loved talking about things nobody else wanted to talk about and was enthusiastic about the brand from the start. Still, London admitted that when the company asked her to head up the brand, she was hesitant, stating she didn't "know how to be a CEO." Nevertheless, her mindset changed when London realized how passionate she was about the company's offering. "The minute that I realized that I believe so much in what these products are doing, and the conversation that was started, I really felt like I didn't have a choice other than to take it on." Who doesn't love a conscious creator?