The NCIS Episodes You Forgot Starred Colin Hanks

Since his first major role as Alex Whitman in the short-lived sci-fi series "Roswell," Colin Hanks has made quite the name for himself outside the shadow of his father, Tom Hanks. He had a reccuring role on the likes of "Band of Brothers," "Mad Men," Dexter,' and "The Good Guys" (via IMDB), before turning his hand to directing with the 2015 documentary "All Things Must Pass." 

Hanks' career has only continued to flourish, with his memorable portrayal of Gus Grimly on "Fargo, per Elle, as well as a lead role in the CBS sitcom "Life in Pieces" which aired from 2015 to 2019 (via Deadline). But in-between all that, you may not have remembered that Hanks appeared in three episodes of the long-running police procedural "NCIS." 

First appearing in episode 23 of the show's tenth season, Hanks played Richard Parsons — an investigator from the Department of Defence that stirred controversy within the ranks of the NCIS team as they investigated the Ilan Bodnar case, The Express notes.

Colin Hanks could make his return to NCIS

Colin Hanks would go on to appear in two more episodes of "NCIS" after that, including the finale of season 10 and the premiere of season 11. But following that, Hanks never returned to the series as Richard Parsons. However, as the character wasn't killed off (via The Express), there's always a possibility that Hanks could return to the series in the future — even if his appearance was more than a decade ago.

In the 10 or so years that Hanks has been absent from the show, the actor has found plenty of roles to dedicate his time too. Other than the likes of "Fargo" and "Life In Pieces," Hanks has also contributed his talents to "Bad Teacher" and "What Lives Inside" (via IMDB), as well as more recently playing Mike Emmick in the second season of the "American Crime Story" anthology "Impeachment," per Men's Health. He's also set to star alongside Giovanni Ribisi and Dan Fogler in another series called "The Offer," which will tell the story of how "The Godfather" was made, Variety reported.