Five Character Deaths The Bold And The Beautiful Fans Can't Get Over

If you're a fan of soap operas like "The Bold and the Beautiful," then you likely know that sometimes characters, even beloved ones, meet an untimely end. Sure, occasionally in daytime dramas, somebody returns from "the dead," but sometimes dead is dead in soaps. 

Given its nearly 36-year history, "B&B" has seen its share of characters die (via However, while people come and go in the Los Angeles of "B&B," there are at least five that fans simply cannot get over. From the matriarch of a prominent Los Angeles family to a beloved assistant gone too soon, the CBS daytime drama killed off some characters, leaving fans astonished. Of these five most difficult for viewers to deal with, Cheat Sheet revealed that at least one died two times while another is alive and well right now. Fans of this beloved sudser have yet to move on from the loss of some of these characters.

Stephanie Forrester's death still hurts viewers hearts

When her portrayer, Susan Flannery, chose to leave "The Bold and the Beautiful," Showbiz Cheat Sheet reported, Stephanie Forrester died a tragic death. In 2012, the actress decided to leave the soap opera after a 25-year run. Sadly, the storyline reflected Flannery's choice by writing about rapidly spreading lung cancer for her character, Stephanie. The wife of Eric Forrester (played by John McCook) chose not to receive treatment in some heartbreaking moments on the show. 

Ultimately, Stephanie ended up dying in the arms of her nemesis, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), at Big Bear cabin, which is a decision that surprised fans. However, Flannery appreciated her long-time character's final scene. "To have Stephanie and Brooke together at the end was so right," she said (via TV Line). To this day, viewers still miss the Forrester matriarch — especially those who don't love the marriage of Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) to Eric.

Fans disliked Taylor Hayes's death so much, she's back in Los Angeles

Recently, actress Krista Allen signed on with "The Bold and the Beautiful" to portray the beloved character Taylor Hayes, Soaps In Depth reported in December 2021. Back when Hunter Tylo brought Taylor to life on the small screen, everybody's favorite villain, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), shot Taylor, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. The shooting occurred as Taylor tried to protect Eric. For a while, it was touch and go, but Taylor eventually "died" — or so the show led viewers to believe.

Come to find out, Taylor hadn't died; instead, she'd been in a coma for years after an errant prince kidnapped and then married her (via Soaps In Depth). Eventually she escaped and returned to California. She's been on and off the show several times. However, for now, Taylor is back, and she's managing to cause a bit of trouble with the marriage of her ex-husband Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brook Logan Forrester.

Macy Alexander died two times

Actress Bobbie Eakes portrayed the original Sally Spectra's (Darlene Conley) daughter Macy Alexander on "The Bold and the Beautiful," according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. The first time Macy ended up resting not so much in peace was in 2000 when she and Brooke Logan were in a car crash. While Brooke was rescued, an explosion supposedly took Macy's life (via Soap Central). But, of course, fans of "B&B" know that's not what ultimately happened to this talented singer.

Macy's death seemed permanent in 2003 when she sang at the opening of Ozzz. A gangster rigged the chandelier to fall on her, leaving her in a coma. Unfortunately for Macy fans, the original Sally Spectra ended up removing life support after Macy spent some time in a coma. Of course, considering that happened off-screen, it's possible Macy is alive somewhere out there, just waiting for a shocking return from the dead.

Phoebe Forrester died in a crash

In 2008, Phoebe Forrester (MacKenzie Mauzy) died in a car crash on "The Bold and the Beautiful," leaving her parents Ridge and Taylor, along with her twin Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), grieving her untimely passing (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). Viewers also found it challenging to get past this character's painful death. According to Soaps, the crash occurred while Phoebe and her ex, Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), were driving together. After learning that Rick and Steffy kissed, Phoebe's fury led to a physical fight. Phoebe began violently hitting Rick, and he ended up wrecking the car. 

The heartbreaking death left not only Phoebe's Forrester family desolate, but also fans. Viewers had a difficult time getting over Phoebe's passing, and her sister Steffy is now among the soap opera's most beloved characters. So far, Phoebe hasn't returned from the dead on "B&B," even though her mother, Taylor, has quite the history of not staying dead.

Darla Einstein's death leaves fans sad

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reported that "The Bold and the Beautiful" character Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison) died several years after marrying Thorne Forrester. Ultimately, the couple welcomed their daughter Alexandria "Aly" Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce). Before she became the wife of the second-best Forrester son, Darla served as the original Sally Spectra's assistant, starting in 1989, according to Soaps In Depth. Unfortunately, in 2006, Darla met an untimely demise when she stopped to help her niece, Phoebe, change a flat tire. A driver hit her and fled the scene.

Several times over the years, Darla appeared as a ghost to her daughter, Aly. But, of course, it seems those moments may be over, too, since Aly also died tragically, joining her mother in the afterlife. So, as with several other dead characters, it seems unlikely Darla will somehow show up back from the dead. However, Aly may end up being one of those who do come back. Stay tuned.