The Most Ideal Places To Live If You're A Taurus

Finding a place to live isn't easy for anyone — and certainly not for a Taurus. There are always several factors to consider, per Investopedia. From the kind of neighborhood it's in to amenities and even searching for hidden issues, the house hunting process is nothing to sneeze at, per HGTV. People often inspect a house, buy it, and move in only to get confronted by problems with the property later. Sometimes, this can be because the real estate agent withheld some seemingly minor information, and it can also be because the prospective homeowners did not do their due diligence before buying the place.

However, sometimes it's possible to do everything right, move into your new home, and still feel like there's something off. Just like people, locations and places have their own horoscopes and zodiac signs as well. This can help people figure out the best place to live, per Astrolada. Some people also believe that the location of homes and cities can work wonders for inhabitants, per Geomancy.

When searching for a home, it may be advisable to look for a place that suits your sun sign.

Scenic locations make perfect homes for a Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign. Grounded but artistic, according to Cosmopolitan, Taureans are ambitious and hardworking. People may get some things wrong about Tauruses, but although they can be stubborn, they are lovers of the finer things of life. That includes finding the perfect home to nest in, per The Cut. Tauruses are often drawn to nature, and due to their generous nature, they like people who are as loyal and stable as they are, per Elite Daily.

For a place within the U.S., the urge to stay in touch with nature means that a beautiful state with majestic mountains and great opportunities for hiking would suit a Taurus well. This would make Colorado perfect for a Taurus, per Insider. Another place that would be perfect for a Taurus is Portland, Oregon. The city is a small contradiction, with a mix of urban and rural areas. It is a grounded place that also has a luxurious side. In Portland, a Taurus would be able to tend to their urge to make a comfortable home, while still enjoying the fine pleasures of life, per Society19.

Taureans enjoy power and proximity to it, so the prestige and excitement associated with a place like Los Angeles would appeal to them as well, just as Hawaii would, per Your Amazing Places. If you're a Taurus who's thinking about changing countries, though, you should consider the city of Valletta in Malta. The city boasts beautiful scenery and friendly townspeople. It seems to be the perfect, welcoming atmosphere that can satisfy a Taurean's love for new places, per Born Realist.