The Truth About Sister Wives Star Meri Brown's Involvement In LuLaRoe

When true crime docuseries "LuLaRich" debuted in September 2021, it was an instant smash thanks to the combined schadenfreude of watching LuLaRoe co-founders Mark and DeAnne Stidham having to answer for their roles in the multilevel marketing scheme, and the juicy details revealed by many of their former employees. Shockingly, LuLaRoe is still in business and has several thousands of loyal shoppers who are apparently willing to vouch for it. This includes "Sister Wives" star Meri Brown.

Per Us Weekly, Brown publicly threw her support behind the Stidhams and expressed her love for their company in November 2021 — despite everything that the "LuLaRich" documentary brought to life. "Two weeks ago, I was in Florida for LuLaRoe Leadership training. I had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with these two amazing humans, feeling their spirit and seeing first hand the love and compassion they have for their family of retailers," she wrote on Instagram, alongside selfies of her with the Stidhams. Brown also claimed that the couple "want success for me and my business for ME, not for them." She added, "The reason they got into this business was to help others."

Meri Brown is proud to be with LuLaRoe for the long haul

Per Cheat Sheet, fans of Meri Brown were shocked to see her continue to associate herself with disgraced LuLuaRoe founders Mark and DeAnne Stidham. "Girl I love you but we've all seen 'LuLaRich,'" one fan commented on the post, via Cheat Sheet. Another wrote, "Didn't you watch the documentary about this? They ruined so many people." Others compared the MLM scheme as "a cult" and even drew parallels to Brown's polygamist lifestyle with husband Kody Brown. 

But despite the post's backlash, Us Weekly reported that there were still those who supported the "Sister Wives" star and hailed her as "inspiration." When another fan countered with, "There is nothing inspirational about any of this!" it seemed that the overall reaction was one of confusion. Over on Reddit, fans discussed how Brown (as a retailer) recruits others and makes more money that way, rather than selling the items herself. "Nailed it. She's not dumb; she's riding the gravy train all the way to early retirement," one opined. Whatever her reasons for staying, Brown continues to be a loyal follower of LuLaRoe, and her dedicated page on their website is still active at the time of this writing. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the reality star is worth around $400,000, so evidently Brown is doing something right.