The Most Ideal Places To Live If You're A Cancer

Cancers are known for being highly intuitive and emotional individuals. A water sign ruled by the moon, they often seek comfort and safety in their personal lives (via Allure). 

Whether this comes in the form of a stable relationship or a relaxing home environment, a Cancer needs this sense of security to reach their full potential. If you're a member of this committed zodiac sign, you're probably nodding your head in agreement with this assessment.

As a Cancer, you're devoted to establishing stability. You want to live somewhere you feel comfortable, and you may find it challenging to locate the perfect space. 

To make the process easier, we've created a list of the most ideal places to live if you're a Cancer, both in the United States and abroad. By moving to an area that meets your personal preferences and professional goals, you'll be able to manifest the life you've always dreamed of living.

One of your most valuable traits is your resilience, so, even if the prospect of living somewhere new feels intimidating at first, you'll settle into a comforting groove in no time (via Women's Health).

Consider these international cities if you're a Cancer

If you're a Cancer, you're inherently drawn to anything romantic. This applies to romance itself, but it also applies to everything outside the realm of actual romance. 

Beautiful art, emotionally devastating books, fields of flowers, and tiny tucked-away cafès where you can sit for hours without being disturbed pique your sense of enchantment. 

This is why you'd do well living in Paris, where you can indulge in every romantic fantasy you've ever had — and some you haven't dreamed up yet (per Your Amazing Places).

Similar to the beauty and intrigue of Paris are Geneva and Zurich, two cities in picturesque Switzerland. In both locations, you'll be able to casually stroll along cobblestone streets, sip coffee in gorgeous settings, and spend hours admiring art in some of Europe's best museums.

And, if you're looking for a place to live that allows you to embrace your curiosity and imagination, head to Athens, Greece (via Born Realist). 

As a Cancer, you're often followed by a sense of nostalgia (per Cosmopolitan). Embrace this sentimentality in one of the world's most ancient destinations, and dream of what it was like to live during a time when philosophy and artistry were changing the course of history.

These states are ideal for Cancers

For Cancers who aren't ready to take an international journey, finding a city in the U.S. that meets your preferences is a completely achievable goal. 

According to Insider, you'll thrive in South Carolina as a Cancer. Cities like Myrtle Beach and Charleston allow you to channel your inner crab and connect to your love of water on a deeper, more consistent level.

Take a stroll along the beach in the morning to center yourself. You'll feel at peace near the sound of the rolling waves.

Cities like Charleston are great because they also present you with the opportunity to explore historic streets and eat home-cooked meals prepared with love. You'll find numerous museums, walking trails, and historic properties to check out during your free time, and you'll be able to create a routine that works well for you.

In South Carolina, you can focus on establishing a comforting home environment in an area that's geared toward families. 

You'll also feel this sense of friendly connection in states like Virginia, New Hampshire, Wyoming, and Idaho (per Astrolada). Each of these states offers a quieter, less frantic lifestyle that will appeal to your homebody nature.

If you settle down in the states, you can still take a trip to dreamy Barcelona to capture a sense of passion and romance when you're feeling up for an adventure (per Society 19).