Which Sister Wives Stars Are Involved In MLMs?

The Brown family of "Sister Wives" have found themselves at the center of media controversies since their show debuted back in 2010 (via TV Insider). Then, their lifestyle choice was the main conversation to be had. Whether or not fans agreed with the fact that they were actively participating in the polygamist lifestyle, they tuned in enough for the show to still be on air in 2022.

More recently, the Browns have found themselves back in the media circuit when wife Christine left patriarch Kody (via Us Weekly). It seems that other wives are considering leaving him as well, including Janelle, who is inspired by Christine's newfound happiness away from the family.

While things are slowly crumbling for the Brown family, fans of the TLC show are also getting tired of the constant pushing of multi-level marketing companiesĀ on their social media platforms. MLMs are predatory, and it is believed that 99% of sellers don't make money at all (via Medium).

So, which of the "Sister Wives" are involved with MLM companies?

Janelle and Christine are involved with Plexus

Plexus is the most popular MLM associated with the "Sister Wives" cast. Janelle, her daughter Maddie, and former sister wife Christine are all involved with the company (via Distractify). The girls use their personal Instagram accounts, as well as two they run specifically for peddling products, Secret to Self Care and Life With Health and Happiness, both have well over 30 thousand followers.

Plexus is a company that sells dietary supplements, most famously their meal replacement shakes and drinks that are marketed to help people lose weight (via Women's Health Magazine). What makes Plexus especially predatory is that they take advantage of people suffering from health conditions like PCOS.

A look at Janelle, Maddie, and Christine's accounts seems to show that they push the idea that these products can help you lose weight, which is not rooted in science. The products are not FDA-approved, and there seems to be no proof they help with weight loss or health conditions.

Meri is loyal to LuLaRoe

While Meri Brown, Kody's first wife, is not involved with Plexus, she is involved with another infamous MLM. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Meri and Christine have both been active, and successful, with the legging company LuLaRoe. An MLM like LuLaRoe is perfect for the "Sister Wives" stars, as they have large followings online that can produce customers.

Of course, LuLaRoe rose to infamy with the shocking documentary "LuLa Rich," which showed the truth behind the MLM (via Vox). Previous LuLaRoe consultants shared how much money they lost as sellers for the MLM brand.

While the documentary was eye-opening for many, Meri has decided to stay loyal to the brand (via Us Weekly). She made a post in November praising the company and its owners, DeAnne Brady and Mark Stidham. "Two weeks ago, I was in Florida for LuLaRoe Leadership training. I had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with these two amazing humans, feeling their spirit and seeing first hand the love and compassion they have for their family of retailers." It seems Meri has no plans of leaving the company any time soon. Her Instagram account is still filled with her LuLaRoe work.

As for Kody's fourth wife, Robyn, it seems she is the only "Sister Wife" to be free from the MLM world.