Selling The Hamptons Star Michael Fulfree Opens Up About His Time As A Model - Exclusive

Each week, we see Michael Fulfree selling millions of dollars worth of real estate on "Selling the Hamptons." However, his time in front of the camera actually started long before he ever stepped foot on the set of his reality show. "I've been in the entertainment kind of realm," the star explained during an exclusive interview with The List. "And now it's going to another level."

It all started when he was only in high school. Fulfree was with his father at a bank in Manhattan when someone walked up to him, asking if he'd be interested in modeling. Before he knew it, he was headed to some of the biggest fashion capitals in the world to model for major brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Armani. "It was just crazy how it happened," Fulfree explained.

Though his days as a supermodel are long behind him, we had the opportunity to sit down with the reality star to ask all about his previous experience in the spotlight.

Michael Fulfree used to be a model living in Milan

Shortly after being discovered in Manhattan, Michael Fulfree packed up his bags and moved to Milan, Italy. There, he walked up and down the runway in fashion shows and met every fashion designer imaginable. Though the young Fulfree had certainly set himself up for success when it came to being a supermodel, he didn't fit into the fashion business as he had hoped. "The thing is, I'm not a big fashion guy," he admitted to The List. "I'm not into that at all."

Everyone around him seemed to take notice of this, too. "People were like, 'You're not the normal guy that is in the modeling business,'" Fulfree said. Deep down, he knew he was destined for something else entirely, and he ended up finding exactly what he aspired to do back on the east coast. In fact, it was something that ran in Fulfree's family. "Sales is what I wanted to do," he told us.

Here's how he ended up in real estate

By the time Michael Fulfree had hit his mid-twenties, he decided it was time to exit the modeling industry altogether. He had saved up enough money to move himself back to New York and begin the next chapter of his life. "So, I went from modeling, you know, doing all this crazy stuff, meeting amazing people, to selling cars in Long Island," he explained to The List.

From there, Fulfree worked his way up to being one of the top car salesmen in the northeast, and his clients all seemed to take notice of his skills. "Everybody that I sold a car to was like, 'Dude, you have a gift of gab. I think you would do really well selling real estate,'" Fulfree said, and that's when he decided to make the big leap into the riskiest real estate location of all — the Hamptons.

Today, his successful real estate business has made him a reality TV star, and he's still not slowing down anytime soon. "I'm eyeing homes currently to purchase for rent and just have them all over New York," he told us. "And then hopefully build that out to the Midwest, California, all over the country."

"Selling the Hamptons" is available to stream now on discovery+.