The Biggest Differences Between Selling The Hamptons And Million Dollar Beach House

Discovery+ is hoping to take a bite out of the "Selling Sunset" pie with its latest acquisition, "Selling the Hamptons." As The Wrap notes, the show is essentially a rebooted continuation of its ill-fated predecessor "Million Dollar Beach House" which, naturally, the streaming service is hoping will capture fans' imaginations in the same way the Netflix super-hit has. 

"Selling the Hamptons" drops January 20th, 2022, and, much like its forebear, it chronicles the work and love lives of a group of high-powered real-estate agents at the New York-based Nest Seekers International. Looking to sell big in The Hamptons are Bianca D'Alessio, J.B. Andreassi, Michael Fulfree, Peggy Zabakolas, Kenny Arias, and Mia Calabrese.

In a statement, D'Alessio enthused, "We are a game-changing brokerage. We are innovative, fierce and cutting-edge. It is our job to stand out in the Hamptons real estate scene where there are even more premier listings at stake and more money to be made than ever before." She added, "I represent our CEO and am the boots on the ground to make sure nothing falls short." Despite their close bond, however, drama inevitably ensues as everybody fights over lucrative listings. The official synopsis further promises "a remarkable 2021 real estate selling season characterized by record-breaking sales and hungry agents jockeying for top listings." But, what exactly sets "Selling the Hamptons" apart from "Million Dollar Beach House?"

Selling the Hamptons is aiming to reboot Million Dollar Beach House

The biggest difference between "Selling the Hamptons" and "Million Dollar Beach House" is hopefully, as far as Discovery+ is concerned, the reception to the two shows. As Glamour reported at the time, "Million Dollar Beach House" faced accusations from fans about racism and sexism, particularly in how the various agents interacted with each other. As a result, they summarized that the show "is meant to be a fantasy escape to a luxury vacation and a life where working hard equals getting rich. Accidentally, it demonstrates how, exactly, white men get ahead of women and people of color in the same jobs. It's a perfect primer on the problem with being the only person of color in an office of perfectly 'nice' white people. It's reality; it's just not fun TV."

The Cut went even further, describing "Million Dollar Beach House" as "the bleakest show on TV." As they noted, there were hopes the show would be a "spiritual successor to 'Selling Sunset'" but, aside from boasting a similar look and feel, the focus was almost exclusively male. That seems to have changed with "Selling the Hamptons," given several of the agents listed in the press release are women, including team leader Bianca D'Alessio. As a result, although "Selling the Hamptons" was born from the ashes of "Million Dollar Beach House," Discovery+ is likely hoping viewers don't remember the two shows have anything to do with each other going forward.