General Hospital Relationship Timeline: Robin And Patrick

"General Hospital" fans may not have seen Robin and Patrick together in a scene since early 2016, but they are still remembered fondly as one of the most popular couples the soap has seen in the 21st century. While Robin Scorpio Drake occasionally makes her way back to Port Charles for visits with her mother, Anna Devane, Patrick remains in San Francisco where they live with their two children, Emma and Noah.

Actress Kimberly McCullough, who has played Robin on and off since she was a child, debiting on the soap in 1985, is now a busy director (via IMDb), while Jason Thompson, who played Patrick, has been appearing as Billy Abbott on "The Young and the Restless" since he first left "GH" (via IMDb). Together, they were once known as 'Scrubs' on-screen by their legion of devoted plans, as the pair met in the hospital where they both worked as doctors. However, it wasn't smooth sailing from the start for Robin and Patrick.

Little Robin Scorpio becomes a doctor

Robin Scorpio grew up before "General Hospital" fans' eyes as the audience saw her through a variety of heartbreaking journeys. Her first love, Stone Cates (Michael Sutton), died from AIDS when she was still in her teens, with Robin learning that she was also HIV positive. As Robin learned to live with HIV thanks to new medical breakthroughs, she fell in love with mafia hitman Jason Morgan, but their life together was never going to work out, according to Soaps In Depth.

She eventually left Port Charles to study in Paris and when she returned, she had earned her medical degree and needed to save Jason's life. That's when she called in a top neurologist, Dr. Patrick Drake, son of Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield), who worked at the hospital in the early 1980s. Like Noah, Patrick was a playboy and he and Robin bickered all the time. However, they also fell in love but ran into a snag when Robin told Patrick she wanted children and Patrick told Robin that he did not. Well, fate had other plans because when Robin and Patrick finally slept together, she became pregnant.

Robin and Patrick have a child and get married

As soon as Patrick learned that Robin was pregnant, he decided they needed to get married. They planned to do just that, but Robin went into labor during the ceremony and little Emma was born on "General Hospital" in 2008. Thrilled with their daughter, the couple known as Scrubs finally exchanged vows right after Christmas, but that didn't mean trouble wasn't on the horizon, according to

That trouble came in the form of Lisa Niles (Briana Brown), one of Patrick's exes from before he lived in Port Charles. She arrived in town wanting to resume their relationship, and with Robin out of town doing AIDS research, Patrick couldn't resist and ended up sleeping with her. That's when Lisa went 'fatal attraction' on Patrick and became obsessed with him (via Soaps In Depth). She was eventually locked away and Robin and Patrick reunited, but more obstacles were put in their way.

Robin is presumed dead and Patrick moves on

With the Lisa Niles drama behind them, Robin and Patrick resumed lives as doctors and parents to Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) thinking it was going to be smooth sailing all the way, but they apparently forgot they were on a soap opera, because smooth sailing can't happen in Port Charles. When there was a lab explosion at the hospital, Robin was presumed dead. Patrick was devastated, but found comfort in the friendship of nurse Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo). The pair eventually fell in love and were just about to marry when Robin made her way back to town very much alive and Emma spotted her mom at the back of the church.

Patrick decided he wanted to be with Robin, leaving Sabrina both pregnant and devastated. After the baby was born premature and died, Robin was kidnapped by the evil Cassadine family, but Patrick thought she was staying away from her family for good and started a romance with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), someone else he planned to marry (via Soaps In Depth).

Robin returns to Port Charles but not for long

When Robin was finally rescued from her hostage situation on Cassadine Island and returned to Port Charles, Sam had already broken things off with Patrick and Emma wanted her parents back together. After realizing Robin never wanted to leave her family behind, Patrick remarried Robin in their living room and the little family headed to the airport to start a new life and new doctor jobs in San Francisco in early 2016 (via

Robin and Emma have returned several times since then and Robin gave Emma a brother in the form of little Noah, who was born off-screen. They have also both performed at the annual Nurses' Ball, which raises funds for HIV research at the fictional hospital the soap is named for (via Occasionally, Anna will mention how well Robin, Patrick, and their children are doing because it seems that happily-ever-after does come to soap couples, as long as fans just hear about it and do not see it.