Michael Fulfree Reveals How Being On Selling The Hamptons Made Him Want To Change - Exclusive

If you could watch a moment from your day on television, would you? If it wasn't a happy memory, you'd probably choose not to. Yet, seeing yourself — from literally another angle — is something that has changed "Selling the Hamptons" star Michael Fulfree's life. "Our show is very raw. It really shows everything that goes down," he said during an exclusive interview with The List. "So for me, I think it really helps me, like, be able to look into myself."

Ever since Fulfree began starring on reality television, he's gotten a chance to see himself in a completely new way — and he doesn't take this opportunity lightly. "A lot of people don't really get that chance," he said. Now, every time he tunes into the show, he's gotten to watch his life play out for a second time, and it's made him notice something pretty important: he needs to take better care of himself. "That's something nobody ever talks about," he said.

Self care is something Michael Fulfree didn't realize he needed before Selling the Hamptons

After everything that's happened this last year (that Michael Fulfree even got to see play out a second time on-screen), he's decided that he needs to take better care of his mental health. "I've learned that, definitely just being able to watch myself and especially this summer, knowing that if I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of others," the "Selling the Hamptons" star admitted to The List.

Over the course of the season, Fulfree has found himself in the middle of a lot of stressful situations. When it comes to any sort of office drama, "I try to mediate everything," he explained, which is what led him to make a change to his life. "And also just for my own sake of having to buy Tylenol Migraine all the time to get me through," he said, was a game changer. 

When Fulfree isn't in his best mind, no one else seems to be either. "We all kind of feed off of each other," he said. After all, we've always heard time and time again: teamwork makes the dream work.

"Selling the Hamptons" is available to stream now on discovery+.