Christian Convery On Shooting The Tiger Rising And Season 2 Of Sweet Tooth - Exclusive Interview

Though Christian Convery is only 12 years old, he's already started an impressive acting career. You may have seen him "Playing with Fire" or "Venom." He also starred in Netflix's 2021 "Sweet Tooth," and his new film "The Tiger Rising" was released in theaters on January 21, 2022 (via IMDb). "The Tiger Rising" is a fun family movie based on the New York Times best-selling book by Kate DiCamillo. In the film, Rob (played by Convery) finds a caged tiger in the Florida woods, which sparks his sense of imagination and adventure (via TheAvenue).

For the film's release, Convery sat down for an exclusive interview with The List. Throughout our chat, the young actor shared what it was like filming with Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid on this movie and how his character grows throughout the story. He also told us about filming Season 2 of "Sweet Tooth" and what it's like shooting in New Zealand.

What Convery thinks of his character in The Tiger Rising

Throughout this movie, "The Tiger Rising," Rob is in the process of dealing with his mom's death. What was it like playing a character who was grieving like that?

I've never really played a character like that before, so it was a really interesting dynamic, and I really liked getting to try out that new experience.

Was it at all challenging?

I guess it could be because I haven't really played a character like that before, so it was somewhat challenging, but I did it.

Yeah, you did a great job. And then, with that, Rob is also dealing with bullies in his new town. And in one of the scenes, his dad tells him that he has to stand up to the bullies and not run away or else they won't leave him alone. What do you think of the advice that his dad gave him? Or do you think that Rob had a better idea about it?

I would say that advice is the best advice if you have a bully, but I don't think Rob would've done that. Maybe he would've. Who knows?

Do you think after the film, once he's grown a little more, he's probably changed how he would deal with those situations?

Yes, definitely.

Rob also has this very wild imagination. In those moments where he's imagining things like the bird coming to life, what was it like reacting to that when obviously, in the moment, you can't see it?

Well, that's really what acting is. You got to pretend it's there, and you have to imagine. Like you said, Rob has a wild imagination. You have to have a wild imagination, and imagine that it's there flying around you.

Do you feel like you have that in common with Rob, where you both have pretty strong imaginations?

I would say yes.

He's also pretty quiet throughout the movie, especially at the beginning. Was it challenging at all to play a character where he's not saying a lot, but he has a lot of expressions going on the whole time?

It was certainly a change to what I was used to doing, but then again, I really liked getting to do that. It was somewhat of a challenge, but I do like challenges.

What it was like working with Queen Latifah and Quaid

What was it like working with Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid on this movie?

Getting to work with Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid was awesome. Whenever you would go up to Queen Latifah, she'd always make you feel special, and every time you were around her, you'd feel happy because she gives us this amazing energetic vibe, and Dennis Quaid is hilarious. He's always telling jokes and laughing, so it was definitely amazing to get to work with them.

Did you have any favorite moments from behind the scenes on this movie?

Getting to hang out and have fun with everyone. That's really the moment.

And you were also filming a lot of it in the woods ... Was it fun to be outside the whole time?

Yes. I loved the woods there. I loved getting to be outside and the woods were really magical. They were awesome, and I wish I could go back. They were so cool.

The 'universal lesson' in The Tiger Rising

What do you think viewers will enjoy most when they get to see this movie?

I think they will enjoy taking a universal lesson from this movie because I hope that it resonates with everybody because it shows how different people deal with different emotions and feelings like sadness, or pain, or happiness. For example, Rob keeps all that locked up in a cage down inside of him, but Sistine [Madalen Mills] acts out boldly, verbally, and physically to express those emotions. I feel like that's what people should take away, and that's also what they'll enjoy most.

Like you said, he and Sistine are these opposites in a way. Do you feel like they learned from each other throughout the movie?

I would definitely say [yes] because I feel like Rob took a bit of inspiration from Sistine acting out at the bullies. I feel like, going back to your first question, yeah, he would probably do that when he was older, but I feel like that made him bring out his emotions more and Sistine, on the other hand, toned them down a bit.

What to expect from Sweet Tooth Season 2

You're also in "Sweet Tooth," which is a TV show that [also] has this amazing landscape. What was it like filming in New Zealand for that?

It was so awesome. It was majestical. The woods were just as majestical as the Georgia ones, and it's so beautiful, the scenery there. I love it so much. I'm currently filming Season 2, so that's cool.

That's so exciting. Can you tell us anything about season two or give us any details?

I can't really give you anything, but I can say it's going to be a wild adventure.

And then, since Robert Downey, Jr. is one of the executive producers on that, did you get to actually work with him personally?

No, but I did get to meet him.

What was that like?

It was awesome. He's super cool and very nice.

So with Gus's character growth from Season 1, do you feel like he learned a lot throughout that season?

I would say yes because he is learning about trying new things and growing up because he breaks the rules that his father gave him. That can apply to "The Tiger Rising," too. Rob is trying new things and growing up also.

With Gus, do you think he has a lot more to learn throughout Season 2, and we'll continue to see that?

Yes, definitely.

What Convery wants to do in the future

What is your favorite movie of all time right now?

Ooh, this is really, really tricky. Favorite movie?

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Or one of the favorites. I know it's hard to just narrow it down to one.

I'd probably say "Avatar." I really liked the CG on that. It was so beautiful. I loved it.

Is there an actor or director who you'd like to work with in the future who you haven't yet?

There's not really one, but I'd really like to work with everybody and make new friendships.

You've already been in a lot of TV shows and movies, considering how young you are. Do you feel like you're going to continue on into your adulthood, and this is the plan?

Yes! I definitely want to be an actor.

Well, you're doing it already, so you're ahead of the game. And what is one role you wish you could play? It could be one that's already been done from any movie.

Honestly, I have no idea. I'd like to play a role that has all the characters that I've played converged into one. That would be cool.

That'd be interesting to see. I'm trying to imagine it. And then, do you have any other upcoming projects that you're excited for people to see?

The only one right now would be "Sweet Tooth" Season 2, which I'm currently filming, but "[The] Tiger Rising" just released in the theaters [this past Friday], January 21st. And also, it's going to be [available] on demand February 8th.

With Season 2 [of "Sweet Tooth"], you said you're filming it right now. How has that been reuniting with the cast for that?

Oh, it's been so amazing getting to see them again. Yes, definitely.

Do you feel like it's all coming together really well again?

Yes. Yes, definitely. And I like how I'm getting to work with different people now because there are more characters coming.

Are the new characters going to shake up the plot? I know you can't tell us a lot, just a little bit.

Maybe ...

We'll have to wait and see, I guess.


"The Tiger Rising" is now playing in theaters and will be released for on-demand viewing starting February 8, 2022.