Is Netflix Following In Spotify's Footsteps By Taking Action Over The Sussex's Content Deal?

Since leaving the royal family and moving to the U.S., Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had a lot on their plates. Some might even say they've taken on more than they can handle, which is a shame because the ex-royals simply want to prove that they can produce meaningful content and spread love through their own projects sans-royal family. However, after signing deals with Netflix and Spotify, as well as founding their own company, Archewell, the Sussexes have failed to produce much content.

Meghan and Harry's ratings continue to take turns both in the States and abroad, and this is in part because they maintain public appearances but aren't generating the content they've reportedly been working on. According to Page Six, Harry and Meghan's deal with Spotify is worth $25, and the audio streaming platform wanted shows produced and released throughout 2021 that never came to fruition. Now, Spotify is taking control of Harry and Meghan's deal by engaging their in-house specialists in an effort to finally put this money to good use (via Express).

Now, Netflix could follow in Spotify's steps. According to National World, the Sussexes' deal with Netflix is worth £112 Million, but Harry's previously been told to forfeit the relationship due to how the platform's hit royal series "The Crown" portrayed the late Princess Diana, Harry's mother. Here's what we know about the turn that Netflix may be taking with this deal.

Netflix's new job posting means Meghan and Harry will have to begin working

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship appeared in the beginning to be a fairy tale love story, but as more time has passed since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's exit from the royal family, they're increasingly looking like they're floundering in international waters. This includes their deal with Netflix, which hasn't progressed just like their Spotify partnership.

According to The Daily Mail, the deal between the Sussexes and Netflix was penned 16 months ago, which is why some are concerned. As it turns out, Netflix is concerned, too, which is why they've begun production on the couple's first project, "Pearl," as a push to make the duo uphold their contract. To kick things off, the streaming giant took to Instagram to announce a job posting, this time for a production designer for "Pearl."

The production designer will "help to develop, create and support the aesthetic vision of the executive producer team," per the advertisement (via Startup.Jobs). The job description describes "Pearl" as a comedy series following "the adventures of a 12-year-old girl who finds inspiration in a variety of influential women throughout history." The series is noted as being created by Meghan Markle herself.

Not much else is known about the series, but Netflix's job posting is undoubtedly a push to make the Sussexes work. If folks are hired, the pedal will have to be pushed to the metal.