Body Language Experts Analyze What Your Head Movements Reveal About You

Every move you make and step you take could be watched, analyzed and broken down by body language experts. They help you make sense of everything unsaid; your local politician could be hiding unpopular policies behind flowery speeches, your job interviewer may not be listening to your work experience, and your boyfriend may not be listening at all.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb told Mind Body Green that most of these subtle cues and actions can be compartmentalized into positive and negative body languages. These movements are the fine lines that differentiate between a person flirting or just being nice. Clearly, understanding these cues can help save a relationship — or at least the embarrassment of getting rejected. They can also help with furthering obsessive tendencies if you're into analyzing your favorite celebrities and their lives. Read on for a deep-dive into subtle head movements that mean more than a yes or no.

Analyze every head tilt your crush makes

Body language expert Carole Railton analyzed a few popular TED talks by people deemed successful in the world of capitalism: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Tony Robbins, for CNBC. Railton noted that Gates held his head high throughout his talk, Bezos leaned into his audience to indicate his openness, and Robbins gestured to his head when he wanted to convey certain thought processes. There was no fidgeting, high-pitched voices or hurriedness. Paired with a direct and engaging way of speaking, these indicate confidence. You could take these to your next job interview or meeting. Dr. Carol Kinsey Gorman also suggested to Insider reducing your nodding as it expresses "encouragement and engagement, but not authority and power."

Now, let's apply this to something more practical: celebrity couples. Blanca Cobb analyzed a photo of Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves for the Repeller two years ago, "Alexandra's chin is lifted up ever so slightly, her head is tilted and she wears a serene smile. All show that she's proud of being with Keanu." A study also identified the absolute flirtation signal: "a head turned to one side and tilted down slightly" with a smile. We see that in every other interaction between "Singles' Inferno" contestants Cha-Hyun-seung and Yea-won and Instagram post with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. We'll leave you to analyze every head tilt your crush makes.