Body Language Experts Analyze What Your Lips Reveal About You

Body language says a lot about a person, even if we don't realize it. Many of us traipse around unaware of how we're holding ourselves — much less what that says about us — because we're simply trying to get through the day, or we're busy having fun. No matter the reason, it's important to understand how others perceive you, which is why body language experts are revealing what we need to be aware of. 

Certain body language attracts people the most, like making direct eye contact with someone, but other instances may be more specific to certain scenarios. For over two years, the globe has been living and operating under duress from the COVID-19 pandemic, and while many were able to begin working from home, our body language on Zoom can lead others to make unfounded judgements during the meeting. You therefore have to be cognizant of how you're appearing to others.

Even more specific is how individual parts of the body can be perceived. Body language experts have revealed what your feet mean when in certain positions and poses (via Science of People), but your lips might also reveal things you never knew they could. After all, we talk with our lips, so it only makes sense that they might offer unique perspectives in their body language, too.

Pursed lips and pouty lips mean entirely different things

Our lips are one of the most telling parts of our bodies because people are always looking at them. We talk through them, so people naturally alert their attention to them and to our faces in general. Because of this, any out-of-the-ordinary lip body language will be incredibly noticeable. For example, Science of People explains that pursed lips or consistent sucking of your lips typically means you're stressed out. If you find yourself in these positions, consider what could be stressing you out in your life.

Moreover, pouty lips, while commonly associated with sadness, may actually mean there's something you want to do, or some action you want to get into (via If you find your lips in a puckered state, this means you desire something or someone. If this is the case when your crush is around, it may be time to pursue them. Or, it may be an indicator that you like someone if you're around someone for whom you didn't realize you had feelings.

Lips can express intimidation and other not-as-pleasant feelings, too. As noted by Science of People, compressed lips often mean you're intimidated by someone, and a "repressed desire to speak" can be observed in flattened, squeezed-shut lips. If you find yourself in this position, try to uncover why you're not speaking and how you may want to break your silence.

So, which of these body language formations do you most identify with?