Courteney Cox Shows Just How Similar She Is To Jennifer Aniston

After meeting on the set of their hit sitcom "Friends," Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have continued to be loyal BFFs well after the show went off the air. Through the years, they've been there for each other through marriages (Aniston was Cox's maid of honor when she married David Arquette, and Cox returned the favor at Aniston's vows to Justin Theroux), as well as divorces. And when Cox gave birth to daughter Coco in 2004 after struggling through years of infertility, she named Aniston as her daughter's godmother (per People).

"There's absolutely no judgment in Court. You'll never feel scolded. She's extremely fair, ridiculously loyal and fiercely loving," Aniston explained in 2014 (per E! News), adding "I've slept in her guest bedroom a lot. Without giving away too much of my private stuff, all I can say is she's been there for me through thick and thin."

Cox has also praised her gal pal through the years. "She inspires me every day. She is incredible," Cox revealed (per Pink Villa). "I am just so happy to be here to support her." And with a friendship that spans more than two decades, it's not surprising that the two have a lot in common.

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston both got emotional on Ellen

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston share plenty of similarities. During an appearance on "Ellen," Cox got emotional talking about being on Ellen DeGeneres' very last birthday show — and the host was quick to point out the similarities between Cox and Aniston. "Jen also gets very emotional," said DeGeneres, referring to Aniston's tears the last time she was on the show. "I know, we're both just very emotional people," Cox replied (per the Daily Mail).

DeGeneres and Cox are also very close. In fact, DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, stayed with Cox after they sold their Beverly Hills home, with Cox joking that the comedian was "a terrible roommate." "I moved everything off of the right side of the bathroom, so you'd have your space in the drawers. I was just really ready for you, And all of the sudden it was like, 'Wait a minute. Ellen's toothbrush is on my side!' I had [her assistant] open the drawer and I was like, 'Well, where's my makeup?' So essentially you're a terrible roommate. You took over my side and your side," Cox revealed. 

But something good did come out of it. DeGeneres gave the "Friends" star a special gift for her home: a heated toilet. "It makes you want to go to the bathroom," Cox joked (per Blast).