How The February 1 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Scorpio

As we begin a new month, we also begin a new moon cycle. New beginnings have a different meaning this month as Aquarius energy influences the way we experience the start of a new cycle. With Aquarius ruling over networking, now is the time to start reflecting on your relationships to figure out what's actually improving your life, versus just taking up room and energy, per InStyle. If you were thinking about volunteering or starting a new collaborative group, now is a great time.

Aquarius energy also inspires innovation, both outside and inside the self. Saturn forming a conjunction with the new moon will bring with it the focus and determination to help make change happen — as long as you're willing to put the work in. This means you'll want to keep your new moon intentions focused on what's going to help you follow through with the changes you need to make to your community. Now is the time to start habits that are going to help you, like a yoga routine or journaling.

Scorpio should focus on family during this new moon

Collaborative groups are too formal for the kind of community you're going to want to focus on this month, Scorpio. As Bustle notes, February is going to be a month for you to give attention to your chosen family — the friends who you turn to when you need someone the most. Now that the holiday season is over, it's time to reach out and bring your group back together. 

If it hasn't just been how busy the holidays were that kept you apart from someone you used to be close to, use the new moon to reflect on what needs to change: you or them. Is this someone who is supporting you, who you're supporting in return? This is where making a new wellness routine like journaling helps. It's carved out time and space for you to figure out what needs to change. It might be time for restructuring what your family looks like. Or, it might be time to change how you've been treating the people closest to you.