Marvel Star Defends Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Controversial Take On COVID-19

Last week, at an anti-vaccine mandate rally, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. compared vaccine mandates to Nazi Germany. Evangeline Lilly, who was also in attendance, believes "nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything."

"Even in Hitler Germany, you could, you could cross the Alps into Switzerland. You could hide in an attic, like Anne Frank did," Kennedy said. "I visited, in 1962, East Germany with my father and met people who had climbed the wall and escaped, so it was possible. Many died, true, but it was possible." Lilly had already shared her thoughts on COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. In March 2020, the "Ant-Man and the Wasp" actress put on Instagram that she was going about "business as usual," even though her father, with stage four leukemia, was living with her. She later apologized for "projecting [her] own fears into an already fearful and traumatic situation."

Evangeline Lilly was at the anti-vaccine mandate rally to "support bodily sovereignty"

Evangeline Lilly was also at the anti-vaccine mandate rally last week, writing on Instagram, "I was in DC this weekend to support bodily sovereignty ... I believe nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything, against their will, under threat of: violent attack, arrest or detention without trial, loss of employment, homelessness, starvation, loss of education, alienation from loved ones, excommunication from society ... under any threat whatsoever."

Some of the comments were in agreement, such as, "You are amazing," "Totally agree," and "Someone in Hollywood that's not a sheep! Thank you for speaking out." Others, however, were not fans of Lilly's opinions. "Evangeline, I love you ... but this ain't it," someone wrote. "This is so disheartening to see. We need to put efforts in place to eradicate this — the same way we did with Polio, TB, smallpox, etc. I don't understand why this is so difficult," another person commented. "Get vaccinated. Protect yourself. Protect others. We all need to be in this together."