1000-Lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton Gets Startling News From Her Doctor

The third season of "1000-Lb Sisters" brought dramatic changes to the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton. Fans saw Amy adjusting to new motherhood and planning a move with her husband to a larger house. Tammy, on the other hand, continued to struggle with the limitations of her extreme obesity. A short stint in rehab didn't do much to change her eating and exercise habits, and a just-released preview from the January 31 season finale reveals that Tammy's luck may be going from bad to worse. 

In a clip from the network shared by People, Tammy's bariatric surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith, comes to visit her at home — he has been monitoring her health to determine whether she is a good candidate for weight-loss surgery. Tammy admits to the doctor that she's been "battling mental health ... big time," specifically depression and anxiety. "That's why I kind of felt like I just needed to take a break," she says. "Not think about diets, relationships. Just clear my mind. Just work on me."

Unfortunately, Tammy's way of "working on herself" is partying with friends. She admits to smoking, vaping, and drinking about eight bottles of liquor a week. "Oh, wow, Tammy, that's a lot," Dr. Smith says in the clip. Tammy chuckles, but the doctor isn't so amused. In a solo interview, he frankly states his concern about her alcohol use. "That alone is putting her in severe danger," Dr. Smith says, adding that she may be using her depression as an excuse not to improve her health. 

But the biggest shock of the episode is yet to come.

Tammy Slaton suffers a health emergency in the season finale

In another season-finale clip posted on TLC's Instagram feed, we see Dr. Eric Smith asking Tammy Slaton to return to rehab. She readily agrees, saying, "I'm not doing this for anybody but myself." But the following scene shows Slaton complaining of feeling sleepy as her brother Chris Combs drives her to the facility. Combs stops the van and checks on her, who is unresponsive. "She quit breathing," says Combs. 

The shocking preview has gotten thousands of views and plenty of comments from fans. "I hope it's not too late for Tammy," said one follower. Another agreed, "Tammy needs a wake up call." One concerned fan wrote, "This was the hardest season to watch. She has to want the help ... what we are seeing is very heartbreaking."

Fans should be relieved to learn that Slaton survived her scare, but her health still appears to be fragile. Her newest Instagram posts are selfies that show her with a tracheostomy tube, which is used on patients whose airways are partially or fully blocked (via Mayo Clinic). It's not clear where the photos were taken. Meanwhile, sister Amy Slaton Halterman has announced on her own social media that she is pregnant with her second child.

TLC hasn't yet announced a Season 4 of "1000-Lb Sisters," but with one sister pregnant and another in recovery, it would be surprising if they left viewers dangling.