Do You Need To Change Your Skincare Regimen In The Spring?

Winter can be harsh, and when we see the light of spring around the corner, nothing sounds better than leaving the frigid temps, shorter days, and ultra-dry air in the past. Conditions like these can wreak havoc on the skin, causing irritation, dryness, and flakiness. Not to mention moodiness, but that's for another time. Rich moisturizers, oils, and serums can save your skin from December to early March, but once the first raindrops of spring hit the grass, your skincare routine will need to shift. The humidity and extra sunshine call for a new, lighter regimen that also offers protection.

So, what are the best products for your spring skincare regimen? We did some research and put together the best routine and the products you'll need to best serve your skin in the new season. We also reveal the most important aspect of "spring cleaning" your routine. This easy little tip is one you won't want to miss out on.

Transition from winter to spring with these products

The first step to gorgeous spring skin is swapping out your rich cream for a lighter moisturizer. Water-based formulas with ingredients like aloe or hyaluronic acid are a better choice than oil-based ones, New York City dermatologist Patricia Wexler recommended to Vogue. Once the temperature rises, so does the humidity, which allows your skin to produce more of its own natural oils. If your skin is oily and feels better with fewer layers or multi-purpose products are your thing, a tinted moisturizer is perfect for the warmer months.

Throughout the winter, skin becomes dry and rough. So, in order to remove those layers of dead skin and clear your pores, an exfoliator with glycolic acid is your best bet, per Makeup Tutorials. Glycolic acid gives that sought-after glow by removing the dead cells from the top layer of your skin, and it is even gentle enough for all types of complexions.

The last step to your spring skincare routine is upping your SPF. Wexler explains that SPF 30 is fine in the winter, but since the sun will be out stronger and longer, you'll need the extra protection of an SPF 50.

Spring clean your skincare cabinet

It may come as a surprise, but perhaps the most crucial element to healthy, glowing skin is a good ol' spring cleaning. Start by clearing out products that are older than six months or check for an expiration date. And don't forget makeup — it sits on your face all day too! Johndra McNeely, a doctor of optometry in Greenville, South Carolina, explained to Huff Post, "Bacteria and fungus can grow in the product itself and then get reintroduced to the eye or face when putting makeup on over time." Not only will expired products be ineffective, but they can clog pores and damage your skin.

Take a good look at everything on your vanity that touches your skin, including makeup brushes. Makeup tools are often overlooked and can quickly become built up with germs. Brushes should actually be cleaned as often as once a week with hand soap and laid out to air dry on a towel. If you've been experiencing irritation or acne, it may be wise to try these simple cleaning tips first before going to a dermatologist.