Here's What Really Went Down During The RHOBH Aspen Trip

The downtime between each season of "The Real Housewives" is often filled with impatient yearning for the next one. However, any true fan of the franchise knows that the drama doesn't stop when the cameras are off. Thanks to the magic of social media, a lot of every season's actual drama tends to build up off-camera. From Twitter feuds to gossiping interviews, the Housewives always find a way to stay at each other's necks before a season even airs. During the very explosive season 11 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," fans couldn't get enough of waiting in anticipation for each week's episode, and now that it's all over they've relied heavily on tabloids for updates.

Erika Jayne's ongoing legal troubles drove the drama last season, between her cast-mates doubting her story, and the many explosive dinner parties where Jayne attacks them all right back, Jayne's divorce from Tom Girardi, and his legal case overran the season. Luckily for fans, this has been a very public case, and so it's been easy to get regular updates on how it's going, the most recent news being that Jayne's case was dismissed in Chicago, but will be refiled in California, according to E! Online. But the best part of the whole case for "RHOBH" fans hasn't been the unfolding of the trials, but rather how her cast-mates respond to them and how Jayne continues to clash with them over it. While fans thought they'd have to wait for season 12 to see what happens next, they've gotten a sneak peek this week.

Things get rocky in the mountains

With all of the reality TV gold that "The Real Housewives" provide, nothing quite compares to how pivotal and iconic their trips are. Each season essentially builds up the highlight of watching the lavish ladies jet off to an exciting location, only to spend the entire time fighting rather than enjoying their surroundings. From "Scary Island" to "The Berzerkshires," when these ladies pack up and hop onto a party bus or private jet, you know it's about to get wild. So when fans got snippets of the Beverly Hills cast's trip to Aspen, they knew to get excited. What they didn't expect was for the drama to begin before the season even got a chance to premiere. 

Leading up to the trip, fans noticed that Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais had both unfollowed Erika Jayne, as noted by Page Six. But when Jayne shared a group shot on Instagram of the cast happily heading to Aspen together, they assumed the ladies had made up. That is, until an insider tip was sent in to @Queensofbravo's Instagram, claiming that Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, and Jayne had gotten into an explosive fight where Rinna accused Jayne of "self-medicating," while Jayne accused Kemsley of faking her home robbery that took place in August. 

After a long season 11 of Rinna blindly remaining loyal to Jayne, it seems she's reached her limit, and a witness to the fight shared with @Queensofbravo that a rift is developing between the two friends. As if fans needed more reason to anxiously wait for the next season — it looks like it's going to be an intense one.