Why The Stars Of Uber Eats' Super Bowl 2022 Commercial Look Familiar

Considering how much it costs to have a commercial in this year's Super Bowl, it makes complete sense that companies such as Frito-Lay, Rakuten and Bic Lighters are pulling out all the stops to make their ads stand out (via The Independent). Celebrity cameos are synonymous with Super Bowl commercials, and this year Uber Eats have truly outdone themselves by utilizing three of the biggest stars in the world for their hilarious ad. 


As People notes, the full spot is set to debut on February 13, when the Los Angeles Rams lock horns with the Cincinnati Bengals at the SoFi Stadium in L.A. For now, though, we have a trio of super fun teasers to pore over, all of which feature celebrities falling victim to eating non-foodstuffs that have been delivered by Uber Eats. At the end of each clip, "Uber Don't Eats" pops up, encouraging viewers not to eat, for instance, candles and pens. 

But who are these fabulous A-listers, and where do you know them from? 

Uber Eats chose three instantly recognizable celebrities for their fun advertisement

Not content with featuring one celebrity in their big Super Bowl commercial, Uber Eats included three. The first is none other than Jennifer Coolidge, the beloved comedic actor who's starred in everything from "Friends" to "Legally Blonde" and, most recently, "The White Lotus." The hilarious clip finds Coolidge pulling a tube of lipstick out of her delivery bag and trying it, declaring in her inimitable cadence, "Oh, it tastes like purple!"


Elsewhere, Trevor Noah chows down on a tube of deodorant in his teaser, though he's less enamored by the taste. The "Daily Show" host is also a beloved comedian and commentator, but Noah is predominantly known for taking over from Jon Stewart on the hit talk show. He recently generated headlines for reuniting with ex-girlfriend Minka Kelly too, per Us Weekly

The funniest inclusion in the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial is arguably Gwyneth Paltrow, whose clip sees her taking a bite out of the infamous "This Smells Like My Vagina" candle that courted controversy for its hilarious name, per The Guardian, and the fact it currently retails for $75 from the official Goop site. Paltrow is the founder of the wellness company, as well as an Oscar-winning actor.


"This candle tastes funny," she admits in the teaser. "Not bad, but funny." Clearly, Uber Eats have made their point about careful ordering with this particular advertisement.