How To Achieve The Trendy Slicked-Back Bun

The slicked-back bun will never go out of style. Though this hairdo might resemble a military look (depending on how much gel you use), it also looks chic and distinguished. It's the perfect style to wear, no matter the occasion.

Though you may want to wear the trendy bun look every day, you might want to change your hairstyles up a little. Wearing your hair slicked back can be a bit damaging. Hair educator Jenna Marie Shafer told Byrdie that wearing a ponytail every day (or very frequently) puts pressure and stress on your hair, which can lead to bald spots. "When you wear your hair in the same ponytail every day, you're adding stress to the same spot over and over and over again, and eventually that's going to cause your hair to snap and break off at the base of the ponytail," Shafer told Byrdie.

This doesn't mean you can't ever wear slicked-back ponytails or buns, but a little break in-between hairstyles can't hurt. If you desperately want to wear a slicked bun, you can always use fabric hair ties instead of small rubbery ones, which put less pressure on your hair.

How to achieve the perfect slicked-back bun

It's possible to create a slicked-back bun, no matter what your hair type is. Start with fresh, clean hair and use a detangling brush to get out all the kinks and coils. Next, part your hair — middle or side, whatever your preference. Here comes the hard part: brushing your hair back and pulling it into a ponytail, using scrunchie to secure the ponytail. Get ready to use some serious arm strength and don't forget the gel or hairspray so those flyaways are laid down.

Pony secured? It's bun time. You can either craft a bun or use a donut. Both have their pros and cons — a donut will give you that perfect bun look. Simply wrap your ponytail around the donut, making sure the donut isn't shown, and tuck any extra hair into the bun with bobby pins.

A makeshift bun, on the other hand, is more of a freestyle. Wrap your ponytail around in clockwise motions and secure it down with extra rubber bands and bobby pins. And, there you have it — get ready to rock this chic look.