Body Language Secrets That Successful People Know

Did you know that if you pay attention to how people act, you might understand them better? Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent and author of "The Dictionary of Body Language: A Field Guide to Human Behavior," told the New York Post that body language is a shortcut to understanding what people are feeling or contemplating. We might speak certain words, but our bodies have a language of their own. At times, it is easier to decode how a person is feeling by their actions than by their words. 

TalentSmart tested over 1 million people and found that those who scored as having a higher emotional intelligence better understood other people's body language. Additionally, they could adjust their own body language to respond accordingly. Those who can detect cues and react in kind tend to be more successful because they are better at reading the room. 

Yes, some people are innately better at decoding others. Fortunately, it is an ability that everyone can learn. Here's one helpful recommendation attorney and entrepreneur Elena Ledoux shared with Reader's Digest: "Before meeting someone, imagine that you really like the person." This will change your body language so you will feel more relaxed and look friendlier. Read on for more handy tips!

Learn these body language tips to succeed

Posture says a lot more about our personality than we think. You likely already know standing up straight with your shoulders back is considered good posture that helps limit the risk of back pain. Were you aware standing up straight is also a power position? Our brains are primed to think people who stand up tall are more powerful (via Entrepreneur). The value of good posture cannot be underestimated. People who stand with relaxed shoulders and their chin parallel to the ground are perceived as being more open and honest, according to Reader's Digest

Hand gestures can be extremely helpful in relaying to others that you aren't reserved. They will really make you come across as more expressive; this is one tip all successful people know (via CNBC). Inc. Magazine claimed that using your hands to communicate will help others retain information they may learn during your conversation. So gesture away knowing it's helping make a point.

A great way to show others that you are respectfully paying attention during a conversation is by using the face triangle. That's where you rotate your gaze between the speaker's eyes and the mouth; it shows that you are paying attention and reading their lips. This is an excellent trick to keep in mind (via Lifehack). You want to look at people when they are talking, but you do not want to stare too intensely.

Here are body language blunders successful people avoid

Of course, there are some bad body language habits successful people avoid at all costs. One of the rudest habits we all should work on is checking our phones or the clock. It suggests impatience and an inflated ego (via Entrepreneur). Behaviors such as this show that you do not respect the other person's time and imply that you would rather be doing something else. 

Whether it is a first meeting or an interview, pay attention to how you greet others and make sure you have a firm handshake. According to Lifehack, a weak handshake shows submission when you first meet someone, and others will not perceive a weak person as potentially successful. On the flip side, don't shake so hard that you hurt the other person. 

Many people face away from whomever they're engaging with without thinking, but that can imply feelings of fear, anxiety, or ignorance. You wouldn't want someone else doing that to you, would you? Reader's Digest says you should point your feet at the person you are talking to. Body language expert Lillian Glass is in agreement. "It means you are connecting with the person," Glass told CNBC. Why? Because you are looking at each other.

Now that you know what types of body language convey interest and represent rudeness, you can choose what message you want to give to other people.