How To Keep Your Nails Healthy In Between Manicures

Over the course of the pandemic our homes have transformed into multifunctional, multitasking spaces that aren't limited by their residential purpose. Our beds are only a few steps away from our Zoom offices, our gyms are as spacious as our yoga mats, and our salons come with more than a few magazines to browse through. The nail salon is no exception; most nail salons are seeing the majority of their sales come from online kits and products — not in-person visits, according to ThingTesting. And it doesn't look like we're giving up this habit anytime soon.

While we're adapting to do our own nails, it's important we know how to do them well. Most manicures, especially gel manicures, can make your nails brittle, peel, and crack if you do them too often or are too rough with them, according to dermatologists at AAD. They recommend not wearing polish at all, to allow your nails to recover from these signs of damage. Manicurist Mazz Hanna tells Allure that when you notice such signs, it's best to leave your nails be for at least a few months. 

Whether you take a break for a few months or a few weeks, read on to know how to keep your nails healthy during this time.

Your nails need time to recuperate from manicures

Every few weeks, give your nails the vacation they deserve after continuously carrying layers and layers of toxic chemicals. "Nails need oxygen to maintain health and to get their nutrients," celebrity manicurist Erica Marton said to Today. One of the first steps to nail health is to take off any kind of nail polish — Varnish Lane co-founder Lauren Dunne suggests a plant-based remover. After, make deep moisturizing and cleaning a part of your nail maintenance routine.

Clean under your nails with a nail brush, gently — dermatologist D'Anne M. Kleinsmith tells Everyday Health that many tend to overdo it as they're "trying so diligently" that it could damage the nail bed. Dr. Kleinsmith also suggests moisturizing with hand lotion and cuticle oil to protect your cuticles — the area that seals the base of your nail. Nail artist Leonobi Galvez has a useful tip, which she tells Allure: "Leave [the lotion] somewhere where you will see it as much as possible." 

To summarize, keep your nails trimmed, clean and moisturized until your next manicure. They will thank you.