Why The Actors In Nissan's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial Look Familiar

This Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will be facing off in the Super Bowl, which means many are ready for star-studded commercials.

Some people tune into the big game just to see the new advertisements, which, when they are only 30 seconds long, cost brands as much as $5.5 million, according to The Sports Geek.

One way to get the most out of these ads is to include familiar faces, such as celebrities from recent and popular television shows and films. That is the strategy that Nissan is taking on, in their commercial for the Nissan Z. The whole thing is a minute long, it shows off this new sports car, it is set up like an action flick, and it puts some very famous faces on display. In fact, if you like Marvel movies and miss hearing "ew, David," then you may be in for a real treat.

MCU and Schitt's Creek stars are featured in the new Nissan Z commercial

The main person seen in Nissan's Super Bowl commercial is Eugene Levy, known for his starring role in the hit show "Schitt's Creek," per TV Insider. Fans of this series will enjoy seeing Catherine O'Hara, too, who drives the brand's new electric Ariya in the ad.

Before Levy is able to race his Nissan Z around roofs and explosions, Brie Larson is the one who tosses him the keys. This "Captain Marvel" star is later seen walking the red carpet with the other celebs featured in this advertisement.

At one point, Dave Bautista of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and Danai Gurira of "Black Panther" are seen at a cafe, and they get in on the action, as well. They hop on a motorcycle, and Bautista ends up in the passenger seat of the Nissan Z, next to Levy.

From the parents of "Schitt's Creek" to heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be a true delight to see these faces during the big game on February 13.