You Season 4: Details We Know So Far

Netflix's "You" has become one of the platform's most popular dramas. The show's third season debuted back in October 2021, and fans were stunned to see the events that transpired during each episode. The end of Season 3 was a wild roller coaster that saw Love attempt to kill her husband, Joe, played by Penn Badley. However, he turned the tables on her and ultimately killed her instead while also faking his own death, per Marie Claire

Joe then left the couple's young son, Henry, with his friends and fled the country to head to Paris, where he believed the new object of his obsession, Marienne, was living with her daughter. Joe vowed to find Marienne and start a new life with her. However, that may not be what Marienne wants since she left California after finding out that Joe wasn't who he claimed to be — and that he may have had a hand in the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Ryan.

Just before Season 3 debuted, Netflix announced that the show would be coming back for a fourth season, and although not much has been revealed about the upcoming episodes, here's what we know so far.

When will You Season 4 be released?

Fans of Netflix's "You" will know that the new seasons usually premiere at the end of the year. Season 3 debuted in October 2021, so it seems only natural for Season 4 to follow suit and premiere in the fall or winter of 2022. While this seems likely, fans may have to wait just a bit longer for the new season to be released.

According to Digital Spy, "You" Season 4 is expected to premiere at the end of 2022, but the date may get pushed back to early 2023 as the show could see a slight delay due to international filming in Paris. As fans will remember, Joe headed to Paris at the end of Season 3, and it appears that he'll be there at least for the beginning of the season as he tries to track down Marienne in hopes of starting a new life in a new country.

While a trailer for the new season has yet to be revealed, Netflix did drop a video that included clips from prior seasons and snippets of the show's main character, Joe Goldberg, saying the words "for you" as a way to tease Season 4, per Marie Claire.

Who will star in You Season 4?

"You" is a show that likes to surprise fans. Sometimes the series kills off a character that you think may survive, while others get to live. Following Love Quinn's (Victoria Pedretti) shocking death in the Season 3 finale, it's safe to say that the character won't be back. However, that doesn't mean that the actress can't return for flashbacks, dream sequences, or as a spirit that haunts her husband Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as he looks to move on with his life. In the past, viewers have seen some of Joe's victims like Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and Candace (Ambyr Childers) return for surprising scenes, per Digital Spy.

Meanwhile, since Joe is presumed dead, it seems that most from his former life will be left behind, leaving room for many new cast members. However, Joe did move to Paris in hopes of finding his former love interest Marienne, so it seems that actress Tati Gabrielle will likely be seen at some point in Season 4. Although, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

What else do we know about You Season 4?

Actor Penn Badgley, who plays the character of Joe, says that he doesn't expect his on-screen alter-ego to change much now that he's out of the United States. "I think Joe will remain the same. Someone this profoundly ill, disturbed, traumatized and violent has a serious hurdle before them if they're ever going to heal and change. I don't know if it's possible for someone who's that far gone," Badgely told TVLine.

Of course, Joe is a bit of a changed man after fathering his son, Henry, whom he left with his friend Dante at the end of Season 3. "You can't pretend something that huge about a character didn't happen," showrunner, Sera Gamble, explained to E!. "I think it will shape him from this moment forward. And even his exact plan of when and if he would return for his son is something that we will come together and talk about."

As for Marienne, actress Tati Gabrielle says that a romantic reunion likely isn't on the cards for her character and Joe. "Though, I do think she would award him a conversation. Because, again, her heart was played with, for one," she told The Wrap. "I think it will give her a sense of peace ... And I really want Marienne to like expose Joe, as well. I want that. Just, yes, I need that."