The Real Reason Chicago Med's Mekia Cox Left The Show And Why She's Back

Mekia Cox's Dr. Robin Charles was a fan favorite character on "Chicago Med," even if, as One Chicago Center notes, she didn't actually stick around that long. Robin got along well with everybody on the team, making her abrupt departure especially devastating. However, showrunners confirmed the door was open for her to return, should Cox feel the urge.

Robin left "Chicago Med" in Season 3, following a farewell party for her mother, who'd recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. Aside from leaving her job, Robin also said goodbye to Chicago. At least she made things right with her father, Dr. Daniel Charles, prior to moving away, which also gave Robin at least one reason to return to the Windy City. 

Actor Cox originally left the show because she'd been promoted to series regular on "Once Upon a Time," which was shooting in Canada at the time, necessitating a choice between the two jobs and making a return to "Chicago Med" seemingly less likely. However, Cox suddenly came back, and this is why. 

Mekia Cox made a brief return to Chicago Med

As Us Weekly notes, Mekia Cox's departure from "Chicago Med" was one of the most "heartbreaking" in the show's history. Although the character was only around for one season, fans immediately took to her, especially because, per CBR, Robin added emotional depth to Daniel while also providing support for Dr. Connor Rhodes when he was struggling. Considering Robin was an integral part of the drama, viewers were confused by Cox's sudden exit. 

The actor left because of work commitments elsewhere but, when "Once Upon a Time" was canceled in 2018, the way was cleared for Cox to return to "Chicago Med." In fact, she began reappearing on the show in 2019. In the latter half of Season 4, Robin returned to the Windy City alongside her mother, whom she'd originally left to support elsewhere. Although Robin was still focused on assisting her, she made time to see both Daniel and Rhodes.

Cox briefly returned again in Season 5, but since then she hasn't come back — at least, not yet anyway. The actor became a series regular on "The Rookie," playing Nya Harper, so we'll have to wait and see whether her focus shifts elsewhere in the coming months. Colin Donnell, who played Rhodes, has since left the show too and Robin no longer has issues with her father either, but anything is possible.