Tucker Carlson's Harsh Words For Meghan And Harry Have Royal Fans Fuming

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently been caught up in Joe Rogan's Spotify drama. In 2020, the royal couple signed a $25 million deal with Spotify. Recently, though, they expressed concern that "Covid misinformation" is "being spread" on the streaming service provider by Joe Rogan's podcast. Despite the Sussexes' concerns, it looks like they are going to stay with the company, as reported by The Mirror.


Royal expert Richard Eden told Mail+ Palace Confidential, according to the Daily Star, "For years, they've gone on about the dangers of misinformation ... And then here they are with Spotify, accused of spreading misinformation through Joe Rogan's very popular podcast. But Harry and Meghan have signed a very lucrative deal with Spotify that's meant to be worth £18million. So between the principles and money, it's always a question of which will they go for, and it seems they've gone for the money."

Now, talk show host Tucker Carlson has some bold thoughts on the situation and on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Tucker Carlson called Meghan Markle an 'annoying fake duchess from L.A.' and Prince Harry 'her brain-dead husband'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke out on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Spotify, says The Mirror. Carlson said, "That annoying fake duchess from L.A. and her brain-dead husband threatened to walk unless Spotify muzzled Joe Rogan. But they're not going anywhere. These two grifters have a $25 million deal with Spotify for essentially no work. So far, we believe they have produced just over 30 minutes of content. That means these two have been paid about a million dollars for each minute of talking they've done. That's a good gig. It's too good to leave."


Similarly, on Fox News Channel's show "The Five," host Greg Gutfeld called The Duke and Duchess of Sussex "a bunch of deadbeats," while his guest, retired New York judge Jeanine Pirro, called them "pathetic" and "irrelevant."

According to Archewell, the royal couple's nonprofit, Archewell Audio is the audio-first production company started by Harry and Meghan. It has an exclusive partnership with Spotify, in order to "produce podcasts and shows that build community through shared experiences, powerful narratives, and universal values."

Fans called out Carlson's criticism of Meghan and Harry

Fans turned to Twitter to call out Tucker Carlson's harsh comments on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. In a February 4 tweet, the Democratic Coalition called Carlson's attack a ploy to continue spreading misinformation on the coronavirus, writing, "Nothing angers Tucker more than people who try to stop COVID misinformation – because that's how he makes a living." In response to the original tweet, another user questioned the validity of the Fox News host's platform, writing, "Maybe it's a little late in the game to ask, but what qualifications does he have that mean his opinion should be respected?"


Carlson has been accused of spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine in the past. During an appearance on CNN's program "New Day," Katie Lane attributed her father's death from COVID-19 in 2021 to Carlson's vaccine coverage on Fox News (via TheWrap). "He watched some Tucker Carlson videos on YouTube, and some of those videos involved some misinformation about vaccines, and I believe that that played a role," she explained. She expressed her belief that her father was "a victim of misinformation."

Carlson claimed Meghan has a 'victim mentality' after the infamous Oprah interview

This isn't the first time Tucker Carlson has voiced his opinion of the former royal couple. After their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey dropped detailing their experience with the royal family, Carlson immediately dismissed their concerns in an opinion piece for Fox News


He first called out the widespread news coverage of the interview (and other outlets' favorable views on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry), before deeming it irrelevant to American issues. "It's not like prince whatever-his-name-is and his angry wife from Los Angeles are compelling," the Fox News host argued. "You know exactly who they are. He's weak and unhappy. She's a manipulative opportunist. So who do you root for in this? How about nobody?"

Carlson didn't hold back in his written piece. The conservative commentator focused on a revealing moment during the Oprah interview where Meghan claimed that sister-in-law Kate Middleton made her cry and refuted earlier rumors stating the opposite. Carlson called the event "petty" and trivial, before asserting that the Duchess of Sussex is entitled and has a victim mentality. He boldly claimed that despite "the fact that she's literally a princess — sorry, duchess — she is actually an oppressed victim." He accused her of using her fame and status to draw sympathy from fans.