Welcome To Plathville Season 4: Details We Know So Far

After the explosive third season of TLC's hit reality show, "Welcome to Plathville," fans can't wait for details to emerge about the next season. Season 3 wrapped up with a two-hour finale, leaving fans with more questions than answers (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

After Ethan Plath and his wife, Olivia, left their small town where they were living on the same street as Ethan's overbearing parents for sunny Florida, fans were hoping to see them blossom into more independent adults.

"Welcome to Plathville" gives off the same vibes as the Duggar family on "19 Kids and Counting," only with fewer kids and more family drama (via Distractify). The show quickly gained popularity, especially now that the Duggar family having been barred from the network.

While TLC would be silly to skip out on a fourth season of the show, there hasn't been much news regarding the next season. Here is what we know so far.

There is no release date yet

The last season of "Welcome to Plathville" brought many changes to the Plath family. The oldest children were experiencing more independence, while their parents, Kim and Barry Plath, were still hoping to keep them under their control (via Screen Rant).

Olivia and Ethan's big move to Florida, plus the other son Micah leaving for California to pursue a successful modeling career have fans on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what goes down in the next season.

While the third season of "Welcome to Plathville" came to a close in November 2021, there has yet to be any news surrounding a possible release date for Season 4. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, fans shouldn't be concerned that the show hasn't made any new announcements. It's pretty standard procedure for TLC to hold off a few months before announcing the upcoming season for a show after the current one aired. Fans will have to wait a little bit longer for any information from the network, it seems.

Fans want to see more of the older Plath children in the upcoming season

The cast of the upcoming season will definitely include the members of the Plath family, but fans want to see the focus shift (via Distractify). The drama surrounding the matriarch and patriarch of the Plath family has run dry for most viewers of the show. Season 3 featured a lot of control over the children who still live under their roof, especially daughter Lydia.

An upcoming season that features Lydia coming out from under the control of her parents would be a dream for most "Plathville" fans, but it seems unlikely. She doesn't have that same rebellious spirit as her elder siblings who have flown the coop.

Other storylines fans hope to see in the upcoming season include what Ethan and Olivia get up to in Tampa and if their relationship will thrive when the Plath parents are taken out of the picture (via TV Shows Ace). Fans are also hoping to see more unfold between Moriah, one of the elder Plath daughters, and her boyfriend.