The Best Eyeliner Tips We've Learned From TikTok

Most of us have our go-to ways of applying makeup, simply because our techniques work well for us, so why change them? You know you feel your best applying bronzer just under the cheekbones for contour, brushing in upward motions to create a sun-kissed effect. You surely have a lipstick strategy, too, and may either prefer a Kylie Jenner-esque matte lip, or a sparkly, bubblegum-pink, "Legally Blonde"-inspired gloss. You might like a rosy balm for everyday wear, with dewy highlighter on your cheekbones, inner eye corners, and your cupid's bow, with a quick swipe of brown mascara to complete the look. No matter your unique beauty rituals, we can all agree that applying eyeliner is the most difficult makeup step. Thankfully, TikTok is making it much easier than it used to be.

Even if you do consider yourself an eyeliner queen, applying it is much trickier than other processes, like brushing up brows with a gel and spoolie, or putting on some lip gloss as a midday pick-me-up. Whether dealing with liquid or pencil eyeliner, it can all go south, and fast. For one, eyeliner is usually a dark color, so mistakes are more visible than simply applying your highlighter in the wrong place. Plus, applying eyeliner in just the right way to suit your eye shape is tricky too, as is getting that infamous cat-eye just thin enough while still making your gaze pop. Luckily, four TikTok eyeliner hacks have captured our hearts, and have made getting the cat-eye look way easier.

Tape is a foolproof tool for perfect winged liner

We've all been there: You just perfected an entire face of downright-gorgeous makeup, complete with touches of blush at the apples of your cheeks, the fluffiest brows, and a natural nude gloss at the center of your lips for an extra-full effect. You even have your eyeshadow game down pat, with the perfect smoky-eye finish to give you instant Bambi eyes. Now it's time for the most difficult part: applying your eyeliner. You're probably trembling at the thought of messing up all your hard work with the wrong swipe of eyeliner, forcing you to go in with makeup remover and potentially have to start all over. Not to fret! TikTok users have come up with a foolproof way to get a perfect cat-eye that works every single time, and we're obsessed with this tip.

While you might think bandages are just for cuts and scrapes, and tape is just for packing up boxes, think again. In reality, both bandages and tape can be used to create perfect triangle cutouts at the end of each eye, so you can simply apply your eyeliner inside as if using a stencil. Et voilà! Perfectly angled eyeliner in seconds. TikTok user @kat_longoria demonstrated the trick with a bandage across her face, amassing a whopping 4.7 million views, while @muendemakeup shows you can easily do this by just sticking on tape in a triangle shape at the corner of your eye — no tape over your nose required! 

In a pinch, you can line your eyes with eyeshadow

Another fantastic idea when it comes to creating a perfect cat-eye liner shape is using eyeshadow instead of liner. While you might think it's cheating, no one will ever know — and all the compliments you get on your makeup will make it worth it. Many of us know that liquid eyeliner can get messy, especially when you don't have the steadiest hand. One false move and your liquid eyeliner is swooping downward, extending to the temples, or is so thick that it's overpowering your eye shape. Pencil liner is easier for many, but kohl is infamously difficult, and is even harder to get off properly if you mess up. 

Eyeshadow, on the other hand, is much easier, and it allows for more mess-ups without drawing as much attention to them. Even better? It makes for a much more natural look than jet-black cat-eye liner, and is an overall softer look that works perfect for day-to-day looks.

According to Byrdie, the shadow liner technique is one of the best, and is described as subtle while still making eyes look more open, which makes them pop. This TikTok hack has been making the rounds, giving eyes a reported "lift." TikToker @kamilabrav0 shows how to get the perfect cat-eye using shadow, a small angled brush, and some white translucent powder underneath for sharpness. Meanwhile, TikTok creator @bexcxmpbell demonstrates the perfect shadow liner look, finishing it off with a touch of gold on the lids.

You can always draw separate lines and fill them in

Another popular eyeliner hack right now brings us back to coloring in elementary school. TikTokers have taken coloring to a whole new level by applying the thought process to eyeliner, and the results speak for themselves. You may struggle with creating the perfect eyeliner shape, getting the swoop just right, and creating an elongated shape that follows a steady line, but not anymore. Now, you can easily assure that you get the best possible shape every time, and both your eyes will finally match — which is a struggle in its own right! 

TikTok went into a tailspin when makeup creators started trying out the "three lines" technique, with Bustle citing it as one of the best eyeliner hacks out there. Using liquid liner, you simply have to draw three separate vertical lines from the middle of your lash line to the end. Go from drawing a short line in the middle of your eye, to a longer line at the end, and simply fill in the blanks with your liner before creating a bit of a cat-eye swoop at the end. TikTok user @elliemakeupartist illustrates this trick perfectly, with her video racking up almost 2 million views. Meanwhile, @rinalmomen has her own way of trying this hack, drawing three separate lines for the cat-eye swoop and filling them in with ease.

We love this TikTok eyeliner trick for hooded or monolid eyes

You may struggle to create the perfect winged eyeliner shape if you have hooded eyes or monolid eyes. As makeup artist Tre Dallas explained to Marie Claire, "Hooded eyes are when you have excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line," which can make eyeshadow and liner application feel daunting. As Dallas describes, though, this is an extremely common feature: "More people than you might think have hooded eyes ... they can make your eyes appear smaller and some find it hard to achieve the makeup look they desire because of them." Meanwhile, monolid eyes appear to lack a crease (via Beautylish). So, what to do when it comes to creating the cat-eye shape of your dreams if you have monolid or hooded eyes?

TikTok user @jonisann almost broke the internet when she posted a video creating the perfect cat-eye shape for monolid eyes, and with good reason — the results are jaw-dropping. As shown in the video, creating an upward-turning cat-eye is not flattering to this eye shape, and can make eyes look smaller. Instead, creating an elongated, horizontal cat-eye wing is just the right technique for monolid eyes. Similarly, TikToker and makeup extraordinaire @katiejanehughes devised a genius liner hack for hooded eyes: Draw a cat-eye with your eyes open, using a two-line technique. This makes a perfect cat-eye shape when your eyes are open, and a totally different look when your eyes are closed.