If You're A Taurus, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

If you regularly read your monthly horoscope and have even created birth charts for people you've dated to check compatibility, then you know how the zodiac can influence our lives in ways that don't necessarily make perfect sense. While there's a special magic to astrology that we'll never fully understand, many of us have had an uncanny experience reading an astrology app like the slightly addictive Co-Star, or even from getting a personalized reading through an astrologist. This is especially true when analyzing your full birth chart, such as your moon sign, which is related to your emotional self, or your Venus, which is traditionally connected to who you are in your love life. Even if you don't go into your birth chart, your main sign, or sun sign, can still tell you a lot about who you are as a person. 

Even if you don't consider yourself a zodiac expert, you probably know your sun sign — chances are, you've read your horoscope at least once or twice when flipping through a magazine. Once you're armed with that information, you have enough to fully dive into the world of astrology. For one, if you're a Libra, you probably know that you live for balance, are slightly indecisive, and you're romantic. Aries love to shine and are usually seen right in the middle of a party talking with everyone they meet. If you're an earthy Taurus, that has deeply unique significance too, even for your taste in music.

Taurus signs adore these musical genres

Tauruses are earth signs. Like Virgos and Capricorns, Tauruses are ruled by their physical senses, reveling in smelling flowers, tasting a meal made by their significant other, or yes, hearing incredible music (via the New York Post). They're different from notoriously impulsive, risk-taking fire signs, or intuitive, introspective water signs, or even the super artistic air signs that drift from place to place (via The Cut). Earth signs are grounded above all else, and they're constantly looking for comfort, pleasure, and practicality. 

Specifically, Taurus signs like to relax and are especially drawn to enjoyment — they don't necessarily love to go out and party in a high-profile club with bottle service, but prefer unwinding by soaking in a nice, long bath (via Allure). While Tauruses are extremely hard workers and will stop at nothing to reach success, they're at their best when they're being comforted, or when indulging in self-care. Face masks and a delicious dessert equal the perfect night for them. The bull sign also adores relaxing, serene music, which makes perfect sense.

This sign isn't likely to enjoy a high-strung electronic or rap track with tons of bass and fast-paced lyrics, or even a metal/rock song. Very different from anything considered rowdy or seriously upbeat, Venus-ruled Tauruses love romantic music, particularly music by singer-songwriters with just an acoustic guitar and some background percussion. Anything emotional, "visceral," and with natural instrumentation is a perfect bet for Tauruses (via Bustle).

Notable Taurus singers that bull signs will definitely jam to

Taurus signs adore music that is raw and organic, with songwriting that makes them feel something. For example, when dealing with a breakup, Tauruses typically prefer to listen to romantic, sad music until the feeling passes and they can go on with their life. The bull sign is notoriously stubborn, and with that comes a whole world of emotion just waiting to bubble up to the surface at any moment. Tauruses know what they want and are naturally passionate (via Allure). This sign's natural sensuality makes them enjoy music that is intuitive and deeply moving, and music by Taurus artists is right up their alley.

It's little wonder that Taurus singers wear their heart on their sleeve — oftentimes delivering touching ballads with the intention of allowing their audience to connect emotionally to their music, and maybe even cry along with them. If you're a Taurus, you'll love listening to fellow bull sign Adele, who is known to pen lyrics straight from her own life, whether she's talking to her younger self in "Hello," or writing a whole album related to her divorce with her latest "30" (via Glamour). With usually pared-down instrumentation that lets her natural voice shine through, her music is perfect for Tauruses. 

Similarly, Sam Smith's powerful ballads will get you right in the feels, particularly tracks like "Stay With Me" and "Lay Me Down," while Kehlani's R&B-tinged, soothing, poignant tracks like "Gangsta" are another sure fit.