The Truth About Evan McPherson's Fiancée, Gracie Goat

Evan McPherson is the kicker for the Cincinnati Bengals. As he and his teammates prepare to hit the field for the big game this Sunday, McPherson is celebrating all he has had to overcome to make it in the National Football League. According to SB Nation, it once seemed like he was not going to get drafted. Since he is a kicker, fans were shocked when the team chose to draft him in the 5th round. Rarely are kickers drafted at all, let alone so high up. It was a head scratcher, but it paid off for the Bengals in the end. McPherson has been an integral part of the Super Bowl-bound team.

While some had doubted McPherson's draft position, no one had been in his corner more than his fiancée, Gracie Goat. According to News Relationships, the long-term couple has been through it all together and looks forward to celebrating the upcoming Super Bowl.

The pair met when they were in high school

It's safe to say Bengals kicker McPherson and his fiancée have been through it all together. Goat met McPherson when he was in 9th grade and she was in 8th grade, according to ABTC, and the pair have been together ever since. The couple got engaged in July 2021, with Goat taking to social media to share the excitement.

She wrote on Instagram, "7.14.21 — My very best friend — FOREVER! Yesterday could not have been more perfect. It's hard to express the overwhelming joy, faithfulness and peace I am feeling for the Lord's plans for our life." She added, Evan is the person I've constantly prayed for. He's humble, calm, constantly pursuing, full of joy and shows me the Lord's love every day. I've known he was the one from the start — Here's to pursuing this life together ... FOREVER AND EVER! I cannot wait to be your WIFE!"

Aside from being a future football wife, Goat attends Auburn University (via The Focus).