Matchmaker Reveals The Red Flags To Look Out For Before You Swipe Right - Exclusive

Netflix's most-watched movie as of this writing is "The Tinder Swindler," making it the first documentary to top the streaming service's movie chart, Deadline reports. The documentary follows a group of women who have all been the victim of an online dating con as they try to "get revenge."

Since the beginning of COVID-19, more people have joined Tinder than ever (per Vox). But just because there are so many more people on the app than ever doesn't mean the same dangers of online dating don't still exist. The List spoke exclusively with Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, about the red flags women need to look out for when they're swiping through Tinder.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, even if you're desperate for a date, you still need to be vigilant about who you swipe right on. "When you are already going through a bad breakup, haven't been out there dating for awhile, widowed, or just feel lonely, understand that this person knows how to prey on you at this time," Trombetti warns. If you don't think people would actually go through the time to create fake profiles, guess again. "The cons are so good at manipulating though that it takes a while, it happens and it happens more frequently than you would believe."

Some red flags are more obvious than others, which is why you need to take your time before jumping on a video date or meeting up in real life. 

Matchmaker warns to swipe left on these red flags

If he has a minimal social media presence, but he's on an online dating app, that could be a concern (via Cosmopolitan). This is a sign that what they're telling you may not be true. Susan Trombetti of Exclusive Matchmaking says you also need to scrutinize what images and information is shared. She suggests doing a "reverse Google image [search] to see [if] the photo's being used elsewhere online." If someone's picture looks familiar, it probably is. "Don't feel safe just because you find nothing," she added. Trust what your gut is telling you about this person. 

If they're showing off their allegedly lavish life on their Tinder profile, it's a sign they're probably lying. "Wealthy people don't put their wealth on display unless it's someone like Kim Kardashian, and this is how they make their money — flaunting their lifestyle." But without the same celebrity connections, it's very unlikely this new mystery match is your soulmate.

Trombetti's biggest warning is that if someone sounds too good to be true, it's because they are. Whether they're claiming to be part of Doctors Without Borders or a former Navy Seal, it's important to remember that every part of their image is crafted to lure in new victims. "Maybe they pretend to be very altruistic," she explains, but it's all to present themselves as "selfless" to suck you in. "Don't fall for it."